Discrimination in the workplace remains a persistent problem facing many organizations. Discrimination is commonly based on religion, gender, race, or other factors that define individuals. It can be manifested in crude ways like physical abuse or in more subtle forms like differences in performance reviews or the benefits they receive. Employers have the responsibility to
The article “Opportunities and Challenges in Developing Risk Prediction Models with Electronic Health Records Data: a Systematic Review” explores the significance and challenges related to the usage of electronic health records in clinical risk prediction. Goldstein et al. (2017) argue that the use of electronic health records has significantly increased across the United States. Goldstein
Compare and contrast customer-managed relationships and consumer-generated marketing. Respond in a few short paragraphs. Both customer-managed relationships and consumer-generated marketing are mutually used in sales and marketing by companies and businesses. The two are mutually inclusive and work hand in hand to ensure that a business not only attracts clients but also maintains them. To
Globalization has promoted the incorporation of diverse cultures within organizations. As such, leaders need to integrate cultural adaptations in their leadership styles without undermining their moral beliefs. Authentic leadership and cultural intelligence are crucial in cultural adaptation because they enable a leader to solve cross-cultural differences while upholding the leader’s ethics and personal values. Authentic
In this case, Volkswagen used a software system that could manipulate the actual performance of its diesel cars. In particular, the programmed software provided false data on emission levels to help the vehicles meet all the stipulated regulatory and safety requirements (Lippe, 2015). The fraudulent behavior exhibited by Volkswagen breached standard ethical practices and moral
Coca-Cola is a leading multinational beverage company that was founded by an Atlanta pharmacist, Dr. John Pemberton. Over the years, the company has expanded operations and established businesses in over 200 countries globally. As of December 2019, 86,200 employees worked for Coca-Cola Company, making it among the top private employers worldwide. It produces non-alcoholic beverages,
Description of Event In an article published by CNBC news, Starbucks said it would allow its workers to adorn attire and accessories supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement. Lucas claims that Starbucks reversed its initial stance after social media users threatened to boycott of the company and its products (n.p.). The coffee merchandise had previously
In her article, hiring the very best, Tracy Mullin (2005) describes the different management approaches, organizational structures, and how to increase employees’ morale and productivity in an organization (Mullin, 2005). This is important in ensuring that the very best talents are retained within the organization. Organization design is a stepwise methodology that identifies dysfunctional aspects
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) allows an individual to explore their personality type based on the traits and behaviors they exhibit. Exploring one’s personality style focuses on attempting to understand some of the individual characteristics that make one unique and set them apart from the rest. Through the MBTI personality typing system, I have been able
Introduction Employees play a crucial role in promoting a company’s brand to potential customers. They need to be motivated since their morale impacts on the production outcomes of a company. Most organizations have implemented employee-based leadership cultures in creating the optimal work environment. For instance, Google has an innovative culture that focuses on project competitions