T.L.O. vs New Jersey Case Facts of the Case T.L.O. was a 14-year-old schoolgirl at New Jersey High School. Together with her friend she was found by her teacher while smoking cigarettes. The teacher considered that a violation of school rules and took the two students to an administrator, who handled them. T.L.O. denied the
Art History: The Impressionists According to historians, the impressionism technique came into being during late 1860s even though it got its name in 1874. Main elements of impressionism include but not limited to painted surfaces, dashes, dots, lights and its reflection, depicting modern life as the subject matter. Artist always displayed their artifacts in exhibitions
 Fallacy of Division A fallacy of division is committed when an individual logically reasons that something that is true for the whole has to or must be true for some or all of its constituents or parts. Simply put, fallacy of division occurs when an individual infers that something that is true for the whole
Violating Kant’s Rule against Lying Kant held that definite types of deeds including lying are forbidden. Even in circumstances where the action would convey more joy than the other or even where the lie seem to be the only option that would salvage the riskiest situation at hand. He, therefore, advocates for absolute truth no
 Illinois Budget Crisis Illinois is one of the states in the United States that have been trending on media channels due to vast financial troubles. These troubles have been attributed to bloated state government, strong public sector unions and business-hostile regulations. Illinois budget crisis has impacted the state operations and citizens day to day activities.
CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct As a chairman of many Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries, avid Sokol was to be the most probable successor of Warren Buffett in future. However, this changed when he executed business transactions that were deemed too controversial with regard to his request to buy the company as well as the timing.
Alton Fire Fighters Association Vs City of Alton case Introduction In the year 2003, the city of Alton and the international Association of Firefighters entered into discussions over a novel collective bargaining agreement in form of contract scheduled to expire in early 2014. The parties managed to resolve all issues, however there was the question
Merrick Garland I have established that Merrick Garland was chosen by President Barack Hussein Obama as a suitable replacement of Antonin in the uppermost court in the judicial arrangement, a nomination that gave rise to criticisms across the different political divide where democrats supported and republicans objected. Many of the criticisms were based on his
Apple Computer, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation Patent Infringement Apple Computer, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation patent infringement case was presented in the United States Court in 1994. In this lawsuit, Apple Computer Inc. sought to deter Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft from using GUI (visual graphical user interface) elements that are similar to those of its Macintosh operating
Apple v. Motorola Mobility Patent Infringement Apple v. Motorola mobility patent infringement case refers to lawsuits series between the two technology giants, Apple Inc. and Motorola Mobility. Apple v. Motorola mobility patent infringement case started at a time when there were intense patent cases. Samsung and Apple were suing one another in different continents. High