Candide by Voltaire The Barbarity and Hypocrisy of Religion Candide by Voltaire is an interesting novel that contains several incidences that relate to religion. Voltaire brings to light the theme of the barbarity and hypocrisy of religion throughout the novel by means of corrupt and hypocritical leaders who claim to be religious. First, one reads
Capital punishment Introduction            The society punishes its people in order to discourage them from committing similar or other crimes. It also deters and discourages the would-be criminals from engaging in unlawful activities. However, capital punishment poses a great controversy in its usage because many people are unsure of its usage criteria. The questions that
Job Application Requirements When applying for employment a job seeking candidate is required to write a cover letter, attach a curriculum vitae and copies of original certificates and testimonials. All this document is important in telling much about a person and whether he is the most suitable person. The job being applied for is that
Personal Life and Source of Inspiration I am a student perusing a bachelor’s degree in computer information technology in the United States. Studying abroad required me to learn a few cultural aspects and languages to enhance my stay in the states. I am a native speaker of the Arabic language, but I also speak fluent