Terrorism and acts of terror are not a new phenomenon on the soil of the United States of America or humanity at large. These acts remain the greatest vice that threatens the Americans’ peace, as Homeland Security attempts to update itself with the current terrorism trends and come up with counterterrorism measures. However, some of
Introduction Crime is an extremely intricate phenomenon, which varies across many settings and across time. Consequently, there is no single answer to what crime is and what causes it. Some of the theories developed to explain crime, its causes, and implication on the justice system include the principle of autonomy and the idea of rational
Criminology The concept of social context plays a critical role in the conception and development of crime theories and their integration with criminal justice policies. All the theories proposed to demystify crime all endure the influence of the period they are developed. The social context is an inherent phenomenon within crime theories, which are critical
Introduction There are many issues and problems surrounding prisoners in Texas today. This report highlights Texas’s major prison issues, which include but are not limited to overcrowding, health care, and privatization. Some Americans believe that the prison system is tempered, while others believe it is taking the right direction. Some issues are highly debated on
INTRODUCTION Terrorism has become a prevalent problem across the globe. While international terrorism is the most acknowledged form of the vice in the world, it is undeniable that domestic terrorism also poses a big threat to societies. While the United States is still reeling from the devastating effect of 9/11 attacks caused by international terrorists,
Crime mapping is used in the process of enforcing law and agencies by analysts, in carrying out analysis of crime incidents and patterns. Primarily, criminal mapping is essential in the enhancement of requirements and capabilities through advancement in technology and the use of software of crime mapping. Therefore, crime mapping is a computer-based software, which
Should juveniles be tried as adults? Initially, laws did not differentiate between adults and kids within the system of criminal justice. Children were charged, tested, and sentenced like adults in adult courts. The sentencing posed varied problems considering no distinctions between age, mental illness, and gender. Meaning, prison populations were mixed up with adults and
Introduction The aspect of criminology and the study of the subject was started by Cesare Lombroso, hence his title of being the father of criminology. Through critical analysis, Lombroso came up with different crime theories and particularly addressed crime among women. While he played a role in defining modern-day criminology and the practices related to
Profiles of Typical Victim Characteristics Women Women are victims of crimes ranging from domestic violence, rape, murder, assault, and robbery. Women are considered generally weaker than men and may attract crime perpetrators because of their inability to fight back and protect themselves (Orthmann & Hess, 2013). Children Children are often victims of incest, rape, murder,
The paramilitary structure has been embedded in policing. Since the 1990s, there has been a strong influence of community-oriented policing with less focus on paramilitary structure. There is a concern that modern law enforcement is now drifting towards the militarization of police. Militarization is the process by which the police department opts for martial culture,