The United States has been faced with several threats both from internal and external organizations which are not allied to a particular state or nation; non-state actors. Of the external threat posed to them is the ISIS attack that has left several severe offenses in the country. In a previous couple of months, the group
A crime is an act which is unlawful and punishable by any country or by the authority. The modern criminal law crime does not have universally and simple definition that is accepted through definitions of statutory have been given for definite purposes. The known view of crime is that it is a category created by
Introduction Pakistan after independence faced several serious security and economic issues, which not only disturbed the internal peace it had but also affected its economic growth. These problems have now converted to internal threats such as inflation, political instability, militancy, religious extremism, and more specifically terrorism. Terrorism is a major issue that has threatened both
Introduction             For the past decades, the world has experienced a lot of transformations that have seen various reactions across the globe. The UAE has been a leader in its development. But transnational crime is acting as a major threat in the country. Transnational organized crime happens when more than one member from different states
Introduction  The problem with gun violence and crimes would be better solved though not fully if stricter control laws on guns were enacted and effectively implemented. Tragedies arising from gun violence over the years are quite alarming hence probing major questions that have proven difficult to be answered, one of them being how the violence
What Role Does ‘Economic Marginalization’ and ‘Social Exclusion’ Play in Crime? Jora (2019) observes that the 2008 financial crises wiped away about 7% of the US GDP but The Department of Justice (DOJ) sent no one to prison because somehow, in most of the United States, you cannot simply prosecute a company, you can only
Terrorism remains the biggest threat to national security in Pakistan as well as the rest of the world. The emergence of several terrorist groups over the years has made the war on terrorism even more challenging. However, efforts are still being made by many nations to combat terrorism and ensure that people are safe. One
A new type of cocaine that was reported to be stronger and more dangerous than powder cocaine was discovered in the United States in 1985. Essentially, crack was said to be more addictive, have worse psychological effects, appeal more to young people who could not afford it, and associated with higher rates of crime compared
Crime refers to any act that is punishable by law). Criminal offense can be caused by poverty among members of the society, negligence and drug abuse. Crime does not affect individuals only, but it also affects the society in many negative ways. Criminal offence leads to distrust among of the society, declining of communities and
Introduction Crime or offense is an act detrimental not only to as a single individual but also to a community, society, state, or country. The acts alias the crime is illegal and such punishable by law (Lee, 2001).   Every crime committed violates the law, but on difference, every violation of the law is categorized as