Profiles of Typical Victim Characteristics Women Women are victims of crimes ranging from domestic violence, rape, murder, assault, and robbery. Women are considered generally weaker than men and may attract crime perpetrators because of their inability to fight back and protect themselves (Orthmann & Hess, 2013). Children Children are often victims of incest, rape, murder,
The paramilitary structure has been embedded in policing. Since the 1990s, there has been a strong influence of community-oriented policing with less focus on paramilitary structure. There is a concern that modern law enforcement is now drifting towards the militarization of police. Militarization is the process by which the police department opts for martial culture,
Correctional officers have reported increased incidences of sexual harassment committed against them by their supervisors in the correctional workplace. Correctional supervisors are usually given the responsibility of ensuring that all their subordinate staff members are knowledgeable on matters related to the facilities’ policies, regulations, and procedures. The duties of correctional supervisors include enforcing rules and
In the criminal justice system, power is used to refer to the states and territories that are assumed by the federal systems with the inclusion of different responsibilities. They are usually related to the social issues that tend to affect the residents of the area. In such matters, there are various fields and areas that
Introduction According to a  research report titled “2013 Cost of Cyber Crime Study: United States” by Ponemon Institute (2013), global organizations spend $ 11.6 million annually due to cybercrime incidents with the higher range even surpassing $ 58 million for a given institution. The report further indicated an increase of 26% in the cost of
Use of force doctrine is a presentation of the degree of force applied in the respective situations that confront officers on duty, aimed at balancing the security needs with ethical concerns that affect suspects (Gray, 2008). Such concerns include the rights and welfare issues of intruders. Therefore, if an individual’s rights are violated, one may
As Trinton Berry mentions, military organizations around the world apply assessment tools to enhance the skills of their staff. These tools play a crucial role in identifying the skill gaps in their workforce to develop the appropriate strategies to address them. Berry also clearly demonstrates how training need assessments are designed to portray the current
Is the juvenile justice system a success or failure? In a democratic civilization, citizens expect much from organizations that are related to the government. In the Juvenile system, the needs of the society have been lost in discussions. This concerns the future of the courts that are related with the juvenile. It also concerns relative
Preventing Terrorism Intelligence cycle incorporates procedures that facilitate unprocessed details to serve as guiding principles incomplete intelligence. The principles are initiated by policymakers to enhance decision-making. It also incorporates strategies that deal with security threats in America. This procedure that prevents terrorism incorporates five phases. The first one which is planning phase ensures that the
Transnational crimes Transnational are forms of crimes that take place across borders of countries. Based on their intra-state nature, they have a possible influence on fundamental elements in various societies on the international level. The phrase transnational is mostly used by law enforcers and scholars to depict the crime situation in a society. As much