Introduction War on drugs refers to various campaigns that are aimed at barring and reducing rampant trade on illegal drugs and substances. This equally refers to various initiatives that include a series of drug policies that are formulated by governments and international anti-drugs bodies with an aim of suppressing production, supply as well as consumption
Strain theory-it entails people engage in crime to escape the bad life situation they are experiencing. Social learning theory-a person engages in crime through association with others/through observation. Social disorganization theory-crime is likely occurs in communities of high crime rates. How the theories explain criminal behavior Strain theory explains criminal behavior in that when a

Sample Criminal Law Paper on Crimes

A crime is an act of contravention against the penal statutes of a country or a state. Every condition being equal, a crime encompasses two elements; principally the mens rea and actus reus. The former denotes the mental framework of the perpetrator and the latter component represents the physical manifestation on the aggrieved party. As
Overcoming the Racial Divide podcast highlights on overcoming digital divide to promote community policing and fight extremism. Chief Hassan Aden starts by elaborating on the idea of police legitimacy. According to him, before joining the service, he had conducted research studies on areas that policy legitimacy was posing a threat to community policing, and especially
Sample Criminal Law Paper on Manslaughter The judicial system is charged with the role of determining or resolving the outcome of disputes, especially those that are against the rule of law. It upholds the rule of law by passing judgment in accordance with the difference charges that one is accused of committing. Involuntary manslaughter can
Criminal Law Paper on Alternative Juvenile Programs In Utah, there are elaborate programs that handle cases of minors in the Juvenile Programs. As stated by the Fourth District Juvenile Court, juvenile with behavior sets that are intolerable face terms as outlined by the juvenile probation officers’ programs. They include the Truancy Court, Drug Court as
Illegally Obtained Evidence Committing a crime such as burglary should not warrant a police officer to search one’s premises without a search warrant. When a police officer does such, he or she infringes into the right to privacy and security of an individual as provided for by the constitution in the United States. The current
Records versus Informants Question One Generally, there are four broad sources of records that are used in identifying the perpetrator. These sources include records drawn from law enforcement organs, businesses both public limited and private limited, governmental organizations, and other miscellaneous sources. The records are maintained in the form of the files, photographs, diagrams, maps,

Sample Essay on Court Case

Court Case Mr. Ling has been charged with four counts of fraud and theft. The crimes involving making overdrafts by withdrawing from his bank account as TD Bank. The accused defaulted on payments from his visa card worth $ 343.36. The accused was also being indicted for having made changes to a cheque that was
Theoretical Crime Analysis in Columbia Heights Crime is a rampant issue in most neighborhoods in America; in light of this, Columbia Heights is located at the central part of the Washington D.C, United States. Therefore, this paper uses the physical disorder theory to evaluate the aspect of crime in the Colombia Heights in Washington. The