Under Islam, a lady is ordered to act modestly in view of the public and she is expected to dedicate her time fully to making a family home – a home inside which she delights in a transcendent role. Such desires are fairly not the same as those now broadly held of ladies in the
Introduction In their works on cross-cultural business communication, Guang and Trotter (2012, p. 6456) observed that communication is among the most important business functions in the modern competitive market, especially for firms conducting business internationally. Actually, business profitability is largely influenced by its communication skills and strategies. The world has become a global village—multinational organizations
Culture is considered a source of power and productivity, and more countries are starting to pay attention to cultural transmission. Every country seizes any opportunity to make its culture known, understood, and accepted. For a long time, China has tried to make its culture known in all parts of the world, more so among Asian
As shown in the video, Eyes on the Price (Part 1), prior to the awakenings experienced as from 1954, the united had known segregation as the accepted social norm. As such, it was normal to have schools which were made to serve the whites and others made to serve the blacks, neighborhoods for the whites and neighborhoods for the blacks, hotel areas for blacks and hotel areas reserved for whites as well as pathways for the respective races. The main difference between these divisions was the fact that the facilities which were made for the blacks were of lower social class.
Learning a language is the starting point of exploring a culture, since language is one of the means of expressing culture. As such, learning a new language comes with the ability to understand its culture and experience its unique aesthetics. Moreover, the contemporary world the world has become a global village hence people might find themselves working in foreign areas where different languages such as Persia, Hebrew, and Arabic,are spoken. Speaking or understanding such languages would go a long way in assisting persons to interact with the local people of the areas.

Gender-Based Medicine Assignment

Gender-Based Medicine Assignment     The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the complexities of sex and gender as they impact a specific group of healthcare professionals today. Create a video in which you tell an engaging and informative story to a target group of healthcare professionals such as
Communities today are divided on the place of nature and nurture in the development of beliefs and practices. While some believe nature determines the characteristics of different genders, others think that it is nurturing that affects how males and females behave. There are several theories that explain the development of behavior and character in different
Helping the helpless in the society is a responsible that each human should undertake. Every human being possesses emotions and feelings that makes it possible for them to act compassionately towards each other. The two videos highlight the suffering of children in the hands of humans; most of whom should be protecting and loving them.
Previously dismissed as a non-authentic and unverifiable source of information for past events, oral history is today a widely used information collection methodology. Pioneered by African American scholars, the methodology has proven invaluable in the collection and preservation of first-person accounts, which would have otherwise been lost. Oral history helps historians preserve insights absent in
Cultural competence is the capability of an organization to give its services effectively and meet the linguistic, social, and cultural needs of its customers. According to Buchbinder, Shanks, & Kite (2019), cultural competence in healthcare produces several benefits to the community, patients, and healthcare organizations, which include increased trust between health providers and patients, reduced