1        Introduction The paper essentially focuses on understanding inputs and outputs in urban housing and planning based on private housing contractors. By using sustainable inputs and setting goals on achieving sustainable outputs, private developers can play a critical role in transforming the housing market through adding value for products to consumers as well as aiding
Discussion on E-Commerce Organizations that have e-commerce policy and are secure tend to create strong bonds with their clients. This trust is generated via the secure nature of payment mode that is transacted across digital platforms.  However, in cases where a section of firms incur technical security issues, trust is a vital element that can
Share Prices’ Influence on Company Initial Public Offer (IPO) entails the first move by a company to sell a part of ownership or share to members of the public which gives them the feeling of owning the company. Only at this point is the deal between the buyer and the company. After issuing shares, business
Impact of Autism on Speech Impact of Autism on Speech-Language Development The reporting of the effect of autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) on the ability of speech varies significantly based on the choice of the instrument of assessment, age of the child and the particular communicative ability measured. According to Volden et al (2011), despite the