Introduction Education does not only equip people with the necessary tools to be productive citizens but also impacts the management of available resources. Senegal has failed considerably in the responsibility of educating its youth adequately. The levels of education in this country contrast sharply to those of countries like Uruguay that have highly prioritized it.
Evaluation of the July 2016 RBA Policy The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is a statutory organ that protects the monetary system and economy of Australia through various financial instruments. The RBA analyzes the economy as well as foreign nations to determine their impacts on the financial stability and employment level. It then sets monetary
Introduction Under the open macroeconomic model, the exchange rates are deemed to fluctuate, and this greatly affects the economy. The volatility of the exchange rates is majorly affected when the exchange rates float. Increased volatility is expected to have a great effect on the exchange rate for both the commodity market shocks and the asset
Abstract Bitcoins are a decentralized digital currency operated without a centralized administration; in other words, no central bank operates the whole system. Therefore, bitcoins can be operated on a peer-to-peer basis without the requirement of any intermediates on the system flow. It has received so much attention in the current media platforms by the world
What is the best way to group the work represented by the 16 workgroups for an average demand of 360 outgoing wires per day? The essential best way to group the work is by the use of the assembly line through the balancing of the 47 steps which are only applicable provided the times per
Steps to take on forming an Alliance Forming an alliance requires crucial and technical management skills from the associate involved. This requires an efficient a strong alliance agreement to be in place. When building an alliance considerate time and energy is required and a good detailed plan from involved parties. Both parties should also identify
INTRODUCTION The financial crisis started in the August of 2007. It was the worst crisis in the whole economy which was ever happened. All developed and emerging countries were highly affected by this recession. The variable of real and financial economics was impacted by these crises. The growth of GDP decreased.  Global financial markets collapsed.
Human capital analytics is the process of applying the analytic procedures to the Human Resources division of an organization to get better employee performance and as a result, boost the return on investment. Most companies are changing from operational research to human capital analytics applications by just applying simplified logic instead of statistical data. Human
Political economy refers to the study of production and trade and their relations with law, custom and government; and with the distribution of national income and wealth. The economic state of a nation is highly influenced by the political environment surrounding it. Africa has always been referred to as a third world continent because of
As a symbol of a nation’s sovereignty, independent countries usually have their own currency produced by their Central Banks. In some states, national currencies have reduced in strength or disappeared in totality due to different reasons losing its usefulness as a medium of exchange within the borders of the country and in the global market.