Introduction Sustainable development has become an important goal for most countries globally. To achieve this, issues such as poverty, income inequality and health insurance coverage must be handled with great care. As a result, most governments struggle to reduce poverty rates and income inequality in their respective countries. Health is also considered as a very
Introduction The Republic of Belarus has, over the years, been able to establish a stable economy. Through various policies, the country has successfully transitioned into stability and is continuously growing at a steady pace. From 2007, the government of the Republic of Belarus communicated its commitment to focusing on foreign direct investment (FDI) attractiveness as
Various financial publications make regular references to “the money market.” however, the term is rarely defined to the public because, unlike other marketplaces, the money market is rather nebulous. It consists of interrelationships and transactions among varying participants, rather than a definite group of individuals, such as the members. Nevertheless, the term can be defined
Price Elasticity of Demand Explain why the demand for the good or service provided by a firm is elastic or inelastic. The demand for a good or service provided by a firm is elastic or inelastic because of various factors such as: the nature of product and the availability of substitutes. A product which is
The effective use of video content is one of the universal mediums that business entities promote their products. Promotional videos are typically preferred to other mediums because they are quite engaging, more memorable and favored among target consumers. Branding videos are frequently used by marketers to raise brand awareness as well as attract new target
Homework  Please answer the following questions in your own words in a separate Word document. Number your response to each question accordingly.   Explain what makes the urbanization now occurring in developing countries different from and more problematic than the urbanization that took place a century ago in New York, London, Tokyo, and Berlin. concisely

Sample Questions on Urbanization

The urbanization that is taking place in the developing countries is different from the one that took place in the last century, as there are issues that are in place currently, which were not experienced in the past. The growth of industries the cities is what attract people to them in search of employment. These industries relied on fossil fuels as the main source of energy, and they are responsible for global warming that is experienced globally. Global efforts are underway to phase out the use of fossil fuels. The alternative sources of energy are costlier compared to fossil fuels, and this makes the growth of cities in developed countries restricted. The planning of the cities in the developing countries is often poor resulting in the development of shanties and slums. Lack of resources in the developing countries, diminished opportunities for employment and general poverty of the population are among the problems that face urbanization in these countries.
A statistical statement summarizing the transactions of a given economy with the economies of the rest of the world is referred to as a balance of payments. There are three types of accounts under the balance of payments namely: the current account, the capital account and the financial account. The current account comprises of transactions
Introduction Historical factors widely affect economic growth and progress in countries in which they occur. The magnitude of such impacts depends on the magnitude of the historical events that cause them and the responses of the affected nations towards the changes created. One of the ways through which historical events impact the economy is through
My firm focuses on the production of a cheeseburger. However, there is intense competition within the industry; therefore, there is a need for the firm to formulate and implement policies that will improve its profitability. The business has engaged in a perfectly competitive environment with numerous cheeseburger producers and sellers who act independently of each