Topic: Consider the following text from June 15, 2015 of The Economist concerning income inequality and growth: “In 1975 Arthur Okun, an American economist, argued that societies cannot have both perfect equality and perfect efficiency, but must choose how much of one to sacrifice for the other. While most economists continue to hold that view,
The spread of the COVID-19 virus has heavily impacted all sectors of the Spanish economy. The food production sector has been heavily shaken by the sudden and large increase in demand. Supply was rapidly increased to address. The demand and supply shocks in the food production industry have caused little or no change in the
Taxes are essential for the economic development of a nation and inequality reduction, especially in the contemporary capitalist global economy. Payment of taxes, which is delineated by tax rates, is deemed a mandatory obligation of any individual in society as it is the only way a government can function. Besides individuals, taxes are also imposed
One of the most persistent forms of inequality in the United States is wage inequality. Over the past four decades the bulk of workers, particularly people of color, have experienced inequality in wage. Gains in wage growth in the 1990s and the late 2010s have been dampened by the climbing wage inequality across the U.S.
Korea and Finland have more efficient education systems in comparison with that of the United States. Both countries practice the concept of education fever, which prompts students to work harder in the classroom. For example, it is only the best students who secure good jobs in South Korea due to competition in the job market,
One topic report is required during the semester.  A topic is to be chosen from the list shown below. The sources of information for the report can include our course textbook, lecture notes, and any additional readings the student may choose as a supplement – even Google.  Outside readings would be considered a potential enhancement
The Great Depression is remembered as the severest economic decline in the history, and it affected the world. The United States was one of the countries that were significantly affected by the depression. The crisis began in 1929 and lasted for about ten years, and although a broad array of factors led to the depression,
Investment success is dependent on several pre-investment decisions that are essential to an investor. The investor considers factors such as their appetite for risk based on their investment, the purpose of the investment, whether income-generating or wealth creation, and the market and business environment. The UK market has one of the largest and most efficient
Introduction Friedrich Hayek is considered one of the economic brains of all time due to his contribution to the field of Economics. Through different publications that include books, introduced or edited books, pamphlets and essays, Hayek clearly articulated some of the economic principles that are in use today. Moreover, he built on the works of
Introduction Sustainable development has become an important goal for most countries globally. To achieve this, issues such as poverty, income inequality and health insurance coverage must be handled with great care. As a result, most governments struggle to reduce poverty rates and income inequality in their respective countries. Health is also considered as a very