Cryptocurrency is a digital currency created and managed through Blockchains involving a technique called cryptography. The creation of Bitcoin, in 2009, captured the attention of investors and established cryptocurrency as one of new currencies. Cryptocurrency will not be widely accepted in the future because of insecurity, unreliability, strict regulation by governments and promotion of illegal
The U.S. economy is undergoing an expansionary period marked by low inflation rate and low unemployment rate. This goes against the theory of the Phillip’s curve presenting a tradeoff between unemployment and inflation. There are various factors responsible for this. First, the Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S. has targeted a stable expected inflation rate
Gains and Losers in Open Trade Trading is one of the main methods that most countries have over the years utilized to raise revenue and also increase their interaction with international community. When an economy opens for business, firms are free to import and export products without tariff barriers. This trade increases imports and exports
International Economics Question 1 The consumption function may be represented in the following relationship: Where C: consumption spending             a: autonomous consumption spending             b: MPC On the graft below, draw the consumption function: C=$20+0.75 (Disposable Income). Consumption is $billions per year. Disposable income is $100 billion per year. Answer the following questions: At what
The American Woolen Company is a successful firm in the US textile industry whose costs play an integral role in determining its profitability. Its strategy to maximize profits often includes reducing costs. Costs occur in four forms: implicit, explicit, variable, and fixed costs. To effectively reduce costs it is paramount for the firm to know
Income inequality has been at the center of America’s economic debate. In his campaign, President Donald Trump hinted at implementing various initiatives such as imposing high taxes on the rich to restore the yesterday’s middle-class jobs in the economy’s manufacturing sector. The rising gap between the rich and the poor across the U.S. has fueled
Introduction From the introduction of capitalist market principles over four decades ago, China’s economic market has been on an upward growth rate. The Chinese government accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001 was hailed as a breakthrough in the global market for various international trade stakeholders. It should be noted that former Chinese
According to Steve Jobs’, the founder of Apple Inc., philosophy, consumers do not always know what they want. Therefore, instead of investing heavily in carrying out market research to establish the wants and needs of customers, Apple prefers putting essential features and functionalities in their products and services that will attract customers (Kanagal 42). Quality
The Economy of the U.S Americans have incurred a huge burden when the government intervened with the economy. This intervention takes place in different ways. This is evident when the American leadership imposes taxes on salaries of its citizens. As a result, this move hinders their freedom of choice. Another way which the government intruded
Q1. A competitive market is one in which many producers compete with each other in meeting the needs of many consumers. Producers and consumers in a competitive market do not dictate how the market operates nor control the price of services and goods independently (Goddard, 2015). In case of a perfect market which exhibits certain