Q1. A competitive market is one in which many producers compete with each other in meeting the needs of many consumers. Producers and consumers in a competitive market do not dictate how the market operates nor control the price of services and goods independently (Goddard, 2015). In case of a perfect market which exhibits certain
The article expresses the concern of economists regarding the growth of the developing countries, whose pace is slowing down. The same observation had been made in the 1990s, only to be followed by accelerated growth in the poor countries of South-Eastern Asia. In terms of wages, Africa still lags behind the rest of the world.
Introduction The finance and banking sectors often face various risks that can result in immense loss both at the company and national levels. According to Cerutti, Claessens, and McGuire, systemic risk is the probability of a failure or an event at a company level to result in instability or collapse of an entire industry (3).
Budgeting Importance of what-if scenarios Every global business or organization decision entails a certain degree of risk. This implies that effective or appropriate management of the risk can help a business to maintain its competitive advantage as well as recognize a significant growth. By analysing the what-if scenarios, a business will be prepared to understand
The rapid digitization of global economies and societies in general have exposed the soft underbellies of using technology as the primary foundation of growth and development. The global society in general is ill-prepared to wholesomely assimilate the globalization idea within the mainstream social and economic development agenda. Additionally, the familiarity of the traditional systems and
Economic Status of Cameroon Cameroon is a nation that is found in central Africa. It is the 53rd largest state and received its independence in 1960. The pioneer ruler of Cameroon is Ahmadou Ahidjo but later Paul Biya replaced him. This nation incorporates plenty of natural resources that accounts for its wealth. They include minerals,
Impact of Loans A loan refers to a liability that is attributed to an individual or organization in regard to financial terms. According to the law, it is valid to enforce loans. This implies that citizens of any state have a right to be granted loans to engage in economic activities. Through the central government,
PART I Market failure is a situation where the price mechanism does not account for the entire costs and benefits required to provide and consume a product or a service. There are three categories of market failures namely imperfect competition, public goods, and externalities. Before looking at imperfect competition, it is important to understand perfect
Investors Search for Opportunity in Unloved Corner of Stock Market Europe is slowly limping its way through the sluggish economic recovery after some investors, lured by the region’s economic gloom lifting, have started investing in its stocks. European stocks have demonstrated a healthy performance this year after the benchmark Stoxx Europe 600 hit 16%, a
Explain the difference between positive and normative economics. Give a real-time example of each that you found in doing some outside research. Economics is both an art and science. As such, it comprises of both proven facts and fictional opinions from renowned economists. This division explains why economics is divided into two primary branches: positive