Berman & Kozier (2008) wrote that the first measure in caring for the post-anesthesia unit (PACU) patient is to ensure that the patient’s room is located close to the operating room. This enables immediate access to vital services, such as blood bank, medical laboratory, and emergency gas. Upon the arrival of the patient in the
Most teachers, as well as parents, look forward to developing meaningful relationships with each other because they share the same goals when it comes to students. While this type of relationship may involve sophisticated arrangements, including administrators and public forums, one-to-one communication between the parent and the teacher is fundamental in the development of an
Introduction Ideally, states expect their populations to perform complex duties with ease and align their goals and objectives to societal expectations. Citizens with high-level competencies contribute to national growth and development. This strategy enables nation-states to address various problems that stem from ignorance. Currently, governments of modern states place particular emphasis on improving the capacities
The termination of parental rights implies the permanent elimination of all the parental rights and duties, including the residential parental rights as well as duties. Residential parental rights and duties as those rights as well as duties that remain with the parent after legal custody and protection, or both, have been given to another individual
Project-based learning (PBL) can have an enormous impact on the education of low-achieving reading students. PBL is a student-centered teaching approach that enables students to learn by inquiring while collaborating in teams and creating projects to showcase their understanding of concepts. Students’ choice and involvement are critical components of the PBL method of instruction. In
Introduction Computer technology is becoming increasingly important when teaching in elementary classrooms. Educators have a responsibility to devise ways that technology can be used within a classroom framework. This paper discusses how elementary teachers use technology to improve classroom literacy. Context Review Teachers are critical to teaching students the needed reading skills to navigate technology’s
Using Ethnographic Research Methods and Conducting Focus Group Discussions Prompt 1 A focus group discussion is one of the qualitative research methods applied when a researcher seeks to undertake an in-depth analysis of an issue led by a skilled moderator. A random selection of participants is critical to ensure that the results are valid, reduce
Governing a learning institution is demanding and time-consuming for most administrators. However, technology reduces the workload and increases administrative efficiency. Technology improves communication flow between the institution’s administrators and staff at both teaching and non-teaching levels. For administration purposes, information can be shared through the school’s websites, online journals, or learning portals to reach many
Policies define the academic system and are enacted and implemented at various levels of government. Educational policies are informed by the historical context, the influencers advocating for the enactment of the legislation, and the consequences of these laws beyond schools compounds. Although broad arrays of education policies have been referred to as states and local
Teachers perceptions of the challenges of implementing project-based learning on low reading student Project-based learning (PBL) is a central strategy grounded in the progressive education movement that necessitated student-centered and experimental learning. An essay by William Heard Kilpatrick in 1918 was the first evidence of a project method of study. Kilpatrick utilized this method to