Introduction Education is the basic right of every child regardless of the fact where they are born, whether or not their parents are educated and want their children to learn or if their country has an education system accessible for all classes of citizens or not. Lack of education systems is the plight of underdeveloped
No doubt that education remains the powerful tool that can be used to empower humanity. Education not only enables participation in the socio-economic and political development of a country, but also it is a means of livelihood. Furthermore, learning institutions have become centers of  interaction and socialization among learners. Ontario Human Right Commission has observed
Introduction Physical Education is also known as fitness training in several European nations is an academic program which protects the body by physical activities. Physical Education is conducted through primary and secondary Education and promotes working memory training in an environment for health promotion in a play and movement activity atmosphere. The conducted curriculum relies
The concept of reflexivity is significantly associated with different types of qualitative research. Scholars conducting the mentioned studies undergo a more sophisticated process known as reflexivity that compels them to reflect on their interpretations and whether or not they are objective (Saunders and Thornhill, 2019). Palaganas et al. (2017) argue that most scholars using qualitative
Graff, Cathy & Russel, gratify that the idea of a college education in our society is perceived as a brilliant option for many apprentices. In explain this; the authors argued that the society considers that colleges’ education will help students earn a degree necessary in making them land into stable job (Graff, Cathy & Russels
Introduction.  Negotiation can be a unique discussion used to solve disagreements and reach agreements between two or more given parties. Negotiation occurs every time within an organization or workplace. The negotiation process may arise between employee and employer, between the coworkers or departments, and professionals may negotiate things like compensation, project timeline, and contract terms.
Introduction The dichotomy of power and knowledge remains one of the fundamental elements that drive the discourses on modern society. It is essential to consider the different strategies that have been adopted in addressing the balance between power and the conceptualization of knowledge. The issues surrounding the monopolization of knowledge and the link between these
I have completed the AACN Essentials Self-Assessment and gave myself a current score of 33. Information systems are geared to help the common user and pass information. Information system uses informatics to process engineer and pass information in the form of data. As a professional medical nurse, I find information system as the most troubling
Devlin, K.J (1998) defines mathematics as the science of patterns .It is the study of number, shape, motion, change, and space. This is a way of describing relationships between numbers and other measurable quantities. Mathematics teaching and learning has now become a problem almost all over the world. This article investigates the reasons why the
Number#1: Comparison of Elementary School Teachers and NBA Basketball Players Wages Teachers play a vital and valuable role in providing the students with fundamental tools, such as learning skills, literacy, mathematical competency, and organization skills, for success in life. On the other hand, the basketball players provide specific entertainment that society can still function well