The failure by Michigan’s water management authority to treat its municipal water after successfully changing its source from the Detroit system to Flint River has led to a series of health issues. Notably, being the headquarters of General Motors (GM) and a center of automobile companies, Michigan was considered one of the wealthiest cities in
Act 1, Scene 1 of Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar is centered on Murellus and Flavius. The protagonists meet a Cobbler, Carpenter, and other workers and ask them why they are in the streets whilst dressed up rather than at work. The workers inform them that they have come to celebrate Caesar’s win over the sons
What should the American government do about gun control in the United States? Gun control is a tactic that is embraced by the government to hinder the ownership of guns among citizens. The purpose is to eradicate issues of violence and the death toils that occur due to gun shots. Clearly, guns are controlled by
Introduction Olaudah Equiano was born in 1745 in Nigeria. At the age of eleven, Equiano was sold as a slave after he was kidnapped. As a slave, he served various masters including captains of slave ships and British navy vessels. Henry Pascal, Lieutenant of a one of the many British trading vessels that served the
For PISA, reading performance measures a learner’s capacity to understand, use and reflect on a text written with the aim of achieving certain goals, developing knowledge and after that be able to engage in the activities in the society. PISA reading performance uses learners aged 15 years. Using the United States, Mexico, Japan, and Iceland
Often, people face numerous challenges that create the need for decision making. Some of these decisions are straightforward while others are quite complex. In some instances, one may be forced to trade-off one thing to get the other, thus creating an opportunity cost (Iiuber, 151). Making the right decision requires a great deal of problem-solving
What is Psychological Egoism? Make use of Rachels in your explanation. Psychological egoism is a theory that advances the idea that “people only act out of their own selfish motives” (Rachels, page 70). All human action comes from self-interest. According to this theory, a person may only do well to others if he/she stands a chance
The media is an integral part of society. So important is the media in the society that the depictions on the media shape people’s experiences and perceptions. It is for this reason that diversity in the media is important. Currently, the media’s portrayal is visibly biased against some races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations. The
Use of Prestigious Research Journals Using journals from prestigious research journals for literature review has its advantages and drawbacks. Largely, most journal articles from prestigious journal are peer reviewed. As a process of subjecting research/scholarly ideas to scrutiny by experts in the same field, peer review validates the work and prevents acceptance of falsified work
Sports are a major part of the culture. My favorite game is baseball. This game is played with a hard ball and a bat and requires two participating teams, each with nine players. One of the things that I love about this game is that it is an active sport with elaborate rules and requires