Introduction The varied types, as well as components of wastes, have become a key environmental issue getting higher attention from government and concerned authorities globally. The attempts to fight the environmental impacts of wastes can be seen in the varied strategies and policies of waste management used by several governments globally. According to federal law
The article in Scientific American falls under climate category and vehemently gives a prediction on how coastlines of countries across the world are likely to be affected by melting ice in different places. The article is written by Chelsea Harvey, a recognized freelance journalist who specializes in science and writes more about environmental health and policies. Some of environmental articles she has authored include how global carbon emissions have consistently rose in three consecutive years, the link between Epidemics and climate change in Ancient China and how ice sheet is melting from the bottom up in Greenland.
Alternative Energy There are aspects that have enhanced growth of optional energy. They include security, global warming and safe kind of energy. Alternative form of energy is categorized into two sections namely petroleum liquids and energy.  It is produced from electric technology. Oil is an example of petroleum liquids while energy from power technology is
Energy Market Regulation and Deregulation In various states, leaders have formulated regulations to control energy markets. Their aim is to protect citizens from exploitation and prevent failure at the market. In other nations, rules allow them to free their energy market to facilitate competition. In this context, deregulation at the market place is vital. This
Recycling Recycling is a vital process that enables individuals to save the expenses of buying new products by reusing the initial ones. A good example is clear when firms reuse beverages bottles by washing them well. This procedure is vital because it aids to reduce air pollution hence makes the environment friendly. Indian state university
Having experienced several catastrophic events in the US, community members, particularly those in Washington DC, can accurately predict the occurrence of events such as hurricanes and tornadoes. People are well aware of areas that are prone to earthquakes, tsunamis, and wildfires. However, with all the knowledge about the possibility of the occurrence of these disastrous
Usually, the regions that are found in similar geographical areas depict a similar weather pattern. However, in some cases, areas within the same region depict varying patterns, as in the case in question. Berkeley and Terre Haute are evidence of this disparity, which has long been misinterpreted by ordinary people. Indeed, some factors affect water
The Effect of Palm Oil Plantations on Orangutan Population and Ecology Campbell-Smith, G.  et al. (2011a). Raiders of the lost bark: Orangutan foraging strategies in a degraded landscape. PLoS ONE, 6(6): e20962. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0020962 Authored by a group of ecology and conservation specialists drawn the United Kingdom and Indonesia, this article focuses on how Sumatran orangutans
Global warming, environmental pollution, social hardship, and poverty are some of the global problems that continue to raise great concerns. In order to handle these issues, modern companies should strive to not only save on costs but also remain environmentally aware and beneficial to the society. The current era requires businesses to focus their efforts
Today, climate change is a global phenomenon. Countries across the globe contribute to the problem. The difference is the magnitude of contribution attributed to each nation. Undoubtedly, the topic should be part of the class discussions next year because of its grave implications. The future of communities, natural resources, and ecosystem depends on how well