Electronic government (E-Government), also commonly known as connected government, online government or digital government refers to the employment of technology, ad particularly internet-based applications by the government for the purposes of enhancing access and delivery of information and government services to its citizens, employees, businesses, other governments, and other agencies. This also includes the transmission
I want to submit my application for a chance to work in the organization. I have been a registered psychiatric nurse for almost two years. I have acquired skills and training in areas related to my profession, which has been vital in providing care to patients. However, I would like to move into a new
Question 1 The two concepts of change in demand and change in quantity demanded are different economics concepts.  According to Wells (2010), change in demand of a commodity is influenced by variation in consumers’ desire to purchase more or less of a commodity regardless of the price of the commodity. Change in demand of a
Trade-offs is an economic concept often expressed as an opportunity-cost, in which a person or entity is forced to select the most preferred possible alternative. It is the concept I have learnt from the video showing the sacrifices that people have to make to get particular products or experiences. I have faced different instances of
Johnny Depp: Cause and Effect Johnny Depp was born in June 9, 1963 and is a famous character in American films. His real names are John Christopher. He was the lastborn child and he became raised in Florida. The cause and effect are clear when his family shifted often due to his father’s change in
Personal Ethics Development Ethical systems are used to reveal how people live when they abide by ethics. I believe that ethical system depend on the best interest of people. This is regardless of their business and the relationships they have with other people. The way that an individual thinks, makes decisions and behaves formulates her
Methodologies and Challenges of Empirical Evaluation The notion of handling low income by various firms to eliminate poverty has become an issue of global interest. As a result, there has been increase of companies across the globe that provides insurance services, credit and savings. Evidently, economies in third world countries have also embraced microfinance to

Essay Summary on Labor Law

Labor Law In March 1970, employees in America decided to go for a two week strike. This event left history in this country because it was unique and directed to the government. The postal offices that were affected were New York, Detroit and Philadelphia. Due to this event, the government announced a state of emergency.
Social Media Marketing In social media, marketing refers to use of strategies and various technological aspects. Its objective is to accomplish the goals of the firm. This is via use of digital platforms such as Twitter and Face book. The idea behind marketing while using social media is to boost products and services of an
Managing Employee Relationship: Employee Voice In any organization, employees encounter problems that affect their way of operation. In this regard, workers have a voice that they use to articulate and raise their issues to employers or the government. The voice of employee is divided into two categories that include participation and involvement. Participation implies that