Introduction Films featuring non-human characters always bring about questions of gender and gender roles. The process through which the audience or the writer assigns gender to such characters is underpinned entirely on their own imaginings of the elements that a given gender encompasses. It may bring to light certain stereotypes, assumptions as well as gender
The movie industry has had a complex connection with female roles. If you are a longtime fan of superhero films, you obviously might have observed how poorly women superheroes are handled on screen. Some of the most liked female characters have been either thrust into minor roles in superhero films or, at worst, made headlines in
Introduction Mustang is a film that was written by Deniz Gamze Erguven and Alice Winocour. It was directed by Deniz Gamze Erguven and produced by Charles Gillibert. The film was released in 2015, and it has managed to generate approximately $4.9 million at the box office, which is good considering that its budget was $1.3
This is a true story film that seeks to unearth the facts about the Britain or the Victorian Asylums. These were confinements for the mentally ill patients, and the documentary takes a broad approach to explaining how they functioned and the ultimate reason for their closure. In the society today, mentally ill patients are treated
Introduction Movie fanatics sink in drama and soap operas trying to fantasize about how life and relationships should be approached. In any event, comedies, drama, and movies are mere acting depicting various norms and painting a picture about specific actions in the society based on varied themes. In reference to this aspect, Two Worlds, a
Blade Runner 2049 is one of the best sequel movies in the history of sci-fi cinemas. The movie is a science fiction film created by Ridley Scott and was set thirty years after the production of the first film. The film is premiered in Los Angeles, a city occupied by the dregs species of human
Today, physical data centers are incorrectly perceived to be virtual because of the use of the term ‘cloud.’ While the cloud facilities remote access of data, data-centers are physical repositories of organizational and personal information, spread across the globe, interconnected through both earth and sea, using cables. The cloud uses multiple data centers to store
The two films, Colors (1988), Directed by Dennis Hopper and Training Day (2001), Directed by Antoine Fuqua tackled the interconnected issues of gang violence in Los Angeles, a city where streets are overrun by drug dealers, and the controversial nature of the police response. After watching the two films I came to recognize that the
Digital Movies In the contemporary market, there is increase in use of digital films. Today, variety of firms has directed their efforts to upgrade technology. In this business, majority of dealers consider the preferences of their clients while marketing their markets. The reason why digital systems are embraced in society is because the traditional way
The Cold War had a profound influence on popular culture. Indeed, they steered the direction of comic culture in America. Stan Lee, editor in chief of Marvel Comics decided to make the characters relatable to regular people by making them have social difficulties. Instead of reacting to the social conditions developed by events like the