Introduction The decline of marine habitat destruction, decline in fisheries resources and loss of precious aquatic life like sea turtles have raised concern and the need to establish Marine Protected Ares. The advocacy for the marine protected areas is to bring back the natural environmental conditions for the aquatic life as a way of solving
Gendering Climate Change: Geographical Insights Introduction             The author introduces the article by narrating the coincidental occurrence of two events during the month of November 2007 that are related to the issue of climate change. The first event was the occurrence of a power cyclone named Sidr that struck the Bay of Bengal, leaving millions

Sample Essay on Colombia and Mexico

Colombia and Mexico After the meetings of Senator John McCain, which took place in Canada, the Senator commenced a three-day tour in Colombia as well as Mexico. The then Senator Obama had not specified any organized tour to Latin America despite the fact that Obama had stipulated the policies targeting the area in a latest
The Morals of Climate Change Through the proliferation of technological and scientific discoveries, society has undergone a spiritual transition that has elicited the erosion of cultural barriers and an upsurge in global awareness. The central concord of the hominid populace is becoming increasingly ostensible. The onset of climate change, albeit disputed by many, is bound
Features of Russia’s Economy during Different Periods Russia’s economy has exhibited varying features since the early years of industrialization. Most of these features were distinct from those of its neighbors. While some of these features were progressive, others were blamed for hampering the country’s development efforts. This paper provides a comparative analysis of the general
Bizarre Water Law Water laws date back to the earliest human civilization. These laws were created to enhancing water management through conservation of water resources and environmental protection. Water governance can be considered as a multi-level control where state establishments from the local level up to the global level have a say about how water
Natural Resources in Myanmar and their Impact Myanmar is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that is richly endowed with various natural resources.  Some of them include oil, hydropower development, gems and precious stones, precious metals like minerals such as gold, copper and aluminum, and natural gas (Allan and Einzenberger).  Myanmar is ranked in
Environmental Conservation Agricultural impacts Conservation of the environment is one of the key concerns which needs to be taken into account. The use of fertilizer in crop production has both the positive and negative implications on the environment. The balanced application of fertilizers in agriculture has significantly contributed to the protection of the wildlife surroundings.
Food Systems   Name Institutional Affiliation Mobile Application Introduction The technological developments necessitated by the availability of the internet and smartphone technologies have made mobile applications effective ways of bringing customers to products. Through mobile applications, product owners can offer varieties of services to their customers in form of discounts, coupons, engage in promotion of
Solid Waste Management in Global South Cities Urban sanitation remains being a major challenge in most informal settlements in the global South despite the extensive recognition within the policy and academic contexts. Minimal efforts have been undertaken to understand the everyday sanitation experience and perception of individuals living in informal settlements characterised by poor sanitation