Geography Essay Paper on MEMORANDUM

MEMORANDUM TO: Fire Chief FROM: Fire Prevention Officer DATE: May 22, 2017 SUBJECT: Sprinkling A-3 Properties Following the increased cases of fires reported to the Fire Department, it was realized that there is a great need to seriously look into the matter. The fires have been reported to cause great damage and have affected various
Lab – Extreme Spring Rainfall The recent opening of what has been described as an atmospheric river California has caused heavy rainfall over January and the preceding months. Combined with a strong Pacific storm, the atmospheric river led to record high amounts of rainfall that has not been witnessed in the state for close to
New Mexico is a state located in the Southwestern and Western regions of the United States (Burgan 2008). It is the 6th sparsely populated state in United States. The state was admitted into the union of United States in the year 1912 and it is the 5th largest state (Burgan 2008). Due to its topography,