Geology Paper on Effects of Global Warming on The Earth Contents Introduction. 2 Definition of Global warming. 2 2.1.       Simple definition of global warming. 3 2.2.       Climate change. 3 2.3.       Scientific Definition. 3 Causes of Global Warming. 5 3.1        Natural Causes of Global Warming. 5 3.1.1         Greenhouse gases. 5 3.1.2.        Volcanic Eruptions. 6 3.1.3.       
Anthropogenic Climate Change Man’s activities have resulted into a surge in the greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen dioxide leading to an increment in the global temperatures as the gases, form a sheet preventing the sun’s rays from escaping into the atmosphere. In normal circumstances, the heat would be radiated back into the
Water Quality in Burkina Faso Burkina Faso is a landlocked West African country situated in the Sahel region. It borders Togo, Ghana and Ivory Coast and has an area of 274,000 square meters. The country’s terrain is mainly flat with some undulating areas. It is noted that the country is the sources of some rivers

Sample Geology Paper on Upwelling

Upwelling Upwelling is an oceanographic phenomenon which entails winds driven movement of cooler, dense and nutrient rich water to the surface of the ocean whereby it replaces the warm, less dense and nutrient-depleted water. The nutrient rich upwelled water acts as a good environment for the growth of phytoplankton which is an example of a
Seas do not rise evenly-It matters which glaciers melt Introduction The article in Scientific American falls under climate category and vehemently gives a prediction on how coastlines of countries across the world are likely to be affected by melting ice in different places. The article is written by Chelsea Harvey, a recognized freelance journalist who
Sample Geology Paper on GHG Emission as Per the Paris Agreement Evidently, the United States will have to reduce GHG emission rate as stated in the Paris agreement. The US might be able to achieve this regardless of Trumps decision to exit from the Paris Agreement. The gasses emitted from industrial and human activities especially
Sedimentary Rock and Lithification. Sedimentary rock formation begins with igneous, metamorphic, or other sedimentary rocks. When these rocks are exposed at the earth’s surface they begin the long slow and relentless process such us weathering becoming sedimentary rock (Hajek, 2017). It is these processes that give the sediments their features. on the other hand, lithification is the
California Water Dilemma Introduction The state of California has been experiencing water problems for a long time. This has been caused by natural and man-made factors. The legal structure of the water management bodies is wanting, and the climate has also contributed to inadequate supply of water from the natural resources in the state. Address
Sample Geology Paper on Geological Investment Introduction The research is carried out in a region called Somewhereia; it evaluated the blocks with the view of bridging the information gap created by the sparse information regarding the well. Besides, it has a good near shore sunstone that should act as the adequate seal. It is found

Geology Paper on Climate Change

Climate Change Natural versus Anthropogenic Climate Changes Climate change is the shift in the long-term regional or global climate patterns for either the variation in the weather time or the average weather conditions. Natural climate change refers to the climate variations resulted from different natural factors. Some of the examples that escalate the natural climate