Sample Geology Paper on The Anthropocene Era In reference to the biological as well as ecological school of thought, extinction means the dying out of creatures or organisms that are considered as species.  According to Dukes, Paul the author of Minutes to Midnight: History and the Anthropocene Era from approximately four billion species that have gone
Cactus hill’s archeological discoveries Introduction             The Cactus hill refers to an archeological site that is situated in Northeastern side of Virginia in United States. The site is located on the sand dunes that lie beyond the Nottoway River forty five miles from Richmond. According to Holloway (2010), Cactus Hill derived its name from the
Sample Geology Paper on The Planets The ongoing controversies and discussions around what constitutes a planet prompted the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to come up with a functional definition of the term. According to IAU, a planet refers to an object that orbits a star, and it is big to have formed a shape that
Geology Paper on Katrina 11 Years Later Report Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans city, as the storm caused an extensive flooding all over the city and its environs. The storm, which struck the city in 2005, was termed as the most costly natural catastrophe that has ever occurred in the U.S. history. The disaster affected
Evaluating the risks of Mountain Rainier Mount Rainier is an active stratum and composite volcano. It is located in a zone of subduction where colliding oceanic and continental plates cause geothermal and seismic activities regularly (Wood & Soulard, 2009).This study will be an evaluation in collaboration with the National Park Service. It will be aimed
Natural Disaster-Tsunami Main Causes of Tsunami The tsunamis are case by rapid movement of the ocean as a result of volcanic eruptions, landslides, and earthquakes. Differences between tsunami waves and normal wind-caused waves. Although related, there exist differences between tsunami waves and normal wind-caused waves. First, tsunami waves are as a result of sudden movement
Volcanoes Describe two factors that control the violence or style of a volcanic eruption? The factors that affect or control the style of volcanic eruption include the composition of the magma, temperature and the dissolved gasses in the magma. The effect of temperature on viscosity leads to enhanced action and therefore if the temperature is
Wind, the enhanced Energy Source in China Summary The fact that wind power alone could supply energy to the entire China is possible as long as overhaul over rural grids and subsidies are raised for wind energy. New technology applied in the industry is cost effective and clean, as it emits future green house gases.
Policy Brief: Solar Electric Systems Executive Summary This policy brief intends to explore the ways solar energy can be utilized to combat the menace of greenhouse effect and minimize the effects of global warming. The benefits of using solar energy have been laid down together with the limitations and a comparison made between the two
Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake Describe the society before the event detailing education, culture and economic conditions.  The economic activity of some of those who were affected was fishing, it was confirmed that those who were devastated were living in fishing villages along the coastal areas (Satake & Atwater, 2007).  It was confirmed that their houses and instruments