Extensive population surveys have played a significant role in ensuring that we have rich data on substance use in the United States. Various surveying bodies, such as Monitoring the Future (MTF), have pointed out several substance abuse trends. According to Thomas (2020), many individuals are striving to fight addiction in the United States. The author
With a current infection scope of more than 16.3 million cases and a further death toll surpassing 649,000, the novel coronavirus is rapidly growing to be the worst pandemic of the 21st century (WHO, 2020). While these statistics might represent the disease’s impact, the Canadian Health Association asserts that the epidemic has implicated more strain
Orenstein, W. A., & Ahmed, R. (2017). Simply put: vaccination saves lives. PNAS, 1(3): 1-3. In their article, Orenstein and Ahmed emphasize the introduction and advancement of vaccines as a critical modern medical history achievement. Since the introduction of immunization programs, the United States and many countries have reduced the rate of disabilities, diseases, and
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Introduction Health care providers contribute immensely in improving health outcomes among pregnant women, leading to reduced costs and patient satisfaction. For the healthy growth of the unborn child, the pregnant mother needs to take a balanced diet. Pregnant women tend to increase their calorie intake during their pregnancy. Healthy behaviors can assist in preventing morbidity
The development of the Integrated Health System (HIS) has necessitated the movement to install computer networking to the respective health units. This has resulted from the underlying critical situations that cannot be solved effectively unless there is a common and efficient computer network. Due to the fact that through the integrated health system many hospitals
The United Nations founded the United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF), in December 1946. Initially, the organization was established to offer aid to war victims after World War II in the United Kingdom. The name, however, later changed to United Nations Children Fund after becoming a member of the United Nations. Its headquarters are
Abstract The European countries have traditionally viewed individuals with intellectual disabilities as being sexually deviant. Even though a theoretical paradigm has emerged in this particular area, with negative feelings less enveloping in the world today, individuals with intellectual disability continue to be sexually impoverished as well as experiencing a disenfranchised sexual identity.  Previous studies in
The use of information and communication systems in the health care system seeks to improve the provision of medical services. The integration of information technologies leads to effective and equitable health care. It applies the strategy of establishing a common health information facility. Information and exchanges are relevant in all levels of health care delivery
Introduction Healthcare institutions have steadily increased their advertising rates in recent years. Advertising prescription drugs directly to consumers require prior authorization from the Federal Drug Administration while the Federal Trade Commission oversees the advertising process (Retsky & Demicheli, 2014). This paper highlights the various advertising strategies used in the Stanford Cancer Center, Artemis Heart Institution,