W.R went to the physician a few days after discovering the lump on her left breast. The diagnosis was therefore done early enough. This accompanied by tests, a biopsy and the removal of the malignant tumor and lymph nodes containing malignant cells, contributed to the good prognosis. Chemotherapy and radiation were also conducted followed by
Definition Polypharmacy is the use of multiple medications, mostly considered to be five or more. It is more common among the elderly, being a consequence of chronic diseases or a number of underlying medical issues. (Monégat, Sermet, Perronnin, & Rococo, 2014) It can either be legitimate or illegitimate but in both cases it has the
Explain the factors that made the lesion suspicious for cancer Most melanomas have different shades of color like red, white, black or brown. This particular lesion was reddish-black with a rough surface.  The border and surface of the lesion were irregular and it appeared to be thick.  Malignant moles have irregular borders and are asymmetrical
In most cases, the Medicare and Medicaid programs are frequently mentioned in a similar breath. In reality, the two programs have completely different functions in the system of American healthcare (Robb, 2017). The Medicare program is devoted by federal to pass the social security amendments for the citizens with 65 years and above together with
Minimum Standards for Staffing of Registered Professional Nurses in New Jersey There are higher levels of acuity experienced among patients in health care facilities presently than in the past. According to recent studies, this current trend is attributed to changes in the delivery of health services which highlights a relationship between adequacy in the staffing
Introduction Testing for HIV and AIDS is one of the most critical elements in the control and management of the disease. Like other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) HIV is best manageable when it is detected at the earliest stage possible. Global health and humanitarian agencies have made big strides in the effort to create awareness
The top priority for any government in the world is to provide high quality healthcare to all of it citizens regardless of their age, ethnicity or even religion.  Today people are living longer whereby most people live beyond their sixties.  Word Health Organization (2018) suggest that by the year 2050 the number of people aged
Introduction The WHO reported that one in every four million people suffer a form of mental disorder (Beiter et al, 2015). Depression, anxiety, and stress (DAS) as a significant group of mental issues that most people experience, with some even not being aware as (Song & Lindquist, 2015) reports. The aim of this study will
The idea of physically representing images on a light-sensitive paper is answers the need to preserve objects from their timely destruction. The earliest efforts at preserving objects existed in Egypt, whereby mummies embalmed bodies. Through evolution, other forms of representation arose, including art and photography. Although the need to ‘freeze’ life is fulfilled in these
Chapter 1: Introduction Background Post-operative pain is one of the consequences of surgeries and the fear of such pain is one of the main concerns of many patients who undergo surgery. This is a well-justified fear and post-operative pain has been accepted as a foreseeable part of post-surgery experienced by patients. However, even when unrelieved