Introduction Slavery presents one of the most humiliating treatments that Africans underwent over the 18th, 19th, and part of the 20th century. Largely African kings and chiefs participated in the slave trade, selling some of their subjects and others captured during raids to Arab merchants and later European merchants for plantation labor. While most kings
Leadership is an important aspect of life that defines the future of society. In most cases, a leader would come to fight for the rights of the people. This happens even at the cost of declaring resistance and war against the perceived enemies. In American history, certain Tecumseh, a Native American leader, and Andrew Jackson,
The American Civil war that was fought in the nineteenth century was the largest internal conflict that the USA faced in its history. It resulted in the death of thirty percent of all men between twenty and forty-nine in the Southern states. The war was fought between the confederate states that wanted to secede from
Introduction Gun control, or lack thereof, has become a hot topic that only boils over whenever an episode of gun violence occurs. American citizens, policymakers, gun lobbyists, and lawmakers have been debating the matter of gun control for more than one hundred years. The key argument is: does stricter gun control law solve the problem
Introduction In medieval China and Europe, people highly regarded education, and it played a central role in their lives. In China, education prepared young boys to become civil servants in the emperor’s administration (Reily 1). On the contrary, young men pursued an education in medieval Europe for knowledge sake and prestige. Young men who studied
Traditionally, people enjoyed freedom and valued land as their most important natural resource. They would do anything to protect their freedom and retain their ancestral land. In connection to this, the Native Americans who were Indians occupied the land of Lakota but the whites wanted to seize their land and exercise control over them. Pesantubbee
The Civil Rights movement was a struggle for social justice against racial discrimination and oppression, particularly in the Southern United States in the 1950s and 1960s. African Americans in the South endured the devastating impacts of racism, slavery, prejudice, and violence, leading to the emergence of the Civil Rights movements[1]. Consequently, Black Civil Rights activists,
Modern human beings have been on the planet for approximately 200,000 years since the Palaeolithic age through the ice ages and the Neolithic age. The last Ice Age ended roughly 15,000 years ago but began approximately 110,000 years ago. The total world population was approximately 10 million at the time the last Ice Age came
The founding fathers had the vision of separation of powers when they instituted a federal government structure. However, the modern American government does not align with the vision because the independent arms of the government are performing roles not captured in the Constitution. The Founders foresaw a government structure that would protect civil rights, and
Introduction A serious distrust exists between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the two Middle Eastern economic and military powerhouses. Currently, the countries do not have any official diplomatic relationships, especially after the 2016 attacks on the Saudi Embassy in the Iranian capital. The 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran was fundamental in the escalation of the regional