Read the three articles provided this week, and reflect on how these initiatives have impacted health care organizations. Post a cohesive response to the following: Describe how health care reform initiatives and mandates have impacted your organization. What changes in operations have been made in response to these initiatives? How well-organized were these changes? How
A recommendation of either a best of breed or monolithic systems integration strategy. Justify your recommendation. Evaluate the issues involved in each. Describe how private payers play into your thinking about clinical and financial information systems strategies. Describe the role of vendor/client site relationships in these types of decisions. Support your rationale with references. The
This paper invites you to research a public health topic that interests you, using public health research to inform yourself about it.  There are many different approaches you could take to this paper. The following examples are meant to get you started thinking about your topic.  You should pick a topic that appeals to YOU! Minimum Requirements
Discuss when a company should consider Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Can portfolio theory actually be applied by investors to improve their investment returns? Since this is our last week for this course, discuss what you have learned and how it will help you in you future work(USE PREVIOS AS AN IDEA). Discuss when a company should
La Malinche (also known as Doña Marina or Malintzin) has a complicated legacy in Mexico today. Enslaved and given to Cortés by a friendly tribe, the native woman became the conquistador’s mistress (bearing a son, Martín Cortés, allegedly the first mixed-race Spanish and Indian person born in Mexico) and translator. It is through her that
Please see attached assignment instructions and the template to be used to complete this assignment. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.. CQ Journal: The Power of Story Assignment Instructions Overview Throughout the course, you will submit 4 journal entries which will guide you to reflect on your cultural intelligence (CQ) scores,
This week, you will take everything you’ve learned in the course to this point and then create a way to identify (or map) the nature of a conflict. In your map, be sure to include items such as: • Background • Parties to the conflict (primary, secondary, interested others, including groups) • Context (issues –
Prepare a coordinated campaign for launching and marketing a new print and e-book of an established author, into a foreign market. What author have you chosen for which market and why? Things to consider: Channels to market, distribution platform, target audience, pricing models, marketing and advertising. Prepare a coordinated campaign for launching and marketing a
The purpose of the essay is to apply utilitarianism and/or Kantian ethics to one of the topics below and demonstrate your understanding of the theories by applying them to relevant details on the case.   Choose one of the topics on the following page. For each of the topics I have included questions to consider.
OVERVIEW This assignment is designed to allow the student to integrate the learnings from the course into a cohesive risk management plan for an organization. This paper culminates the learnings from the discussions and previous 3 papers by allowing the student to focus at the organizational level. The Risk Management Techniques Paper Assignment framed what