Human resources can be defined as the individuals who work in coordination building a workforce in the business zone, organization or the economy at large. In some instances, human resource is also referred to as Human capital although this refers to a much slenderer outlook. Although human resource management is sometimes a challenge, my company
An organization that is consumer centric will always win the heart of many buyers. Organisations should ensure that they satisfy the needs of their consumers. The productivity of a company highly depends on its employees; companies should allocate jobs to its employees by matching the tasks with the skills of its employees. Teamwork boosts the
Since the early 1900s, human resource management has undergone various changes so as to get to where it stands today. In the early 1900s it had what could be referred to as a non-existent role in the work place which included, hiring and firing all to benefit the administration. With new laws passed, on minimum
Abstract Among the key roles of a human resource manager is the ability to generate energy and commitment among their employees and channel it towards attaining the critical organizational goals. A human resource manager must therefore understand their influence on the root causes of human behavior and attitudes around the organization, as well as the
Introduction Employees are considered as the basic unit in all forms of organizations. Perhaps, it is because they are tasked with the responsibility of carrying out the day to day activities that facilitate organizations to realize their primary objectives (Mellahi and Frynas 76). The advent of Information Technology revolutionized the manner that organizations operate because
Introduction Human resources are considered as one of the most valuable assets of an organisation. However, a company may not be able to reap full benefits without a comprehensive human resource management policy in place. It is particularly important in case of multinational companies, which function in a global environment with a diverse workforce drawn
Introduction Historical developments and evolution of Human Resource Management started from the 18th century to the 21st century. This led up to welfare officers (18th Century) focusing on hiring methods, managing wages and recording of work hours as well as providing both health care and housing(Nkomo & Hoobler, 2014). Later on (19th Century), the term
Hulu’s the key workforce groups include content creation, global sales and acquisition, and marketing. Thus, as a company seeking to establish dominance in a highly competitive field, Hulu needs not only recruit the best employees but also to ensure that they stay in the company, but even more importantly, that their contributions augment the company’s
Introduction             This paper identifies two best practices to effectively engage employees in an organization. It compares the best practices to the actual practices of a specific organization, makes specific recommendations for that organization and identifies two insights gained into employee engagement including specific actions to enhance leader effectiveness. Specifically, it will define and analyze
Customer  service  is  an  act  of  taking  care  of  the  customers  needs  by  providing  and  delivering  professional  , helpful , high  quality   service  and  assistance  before ,during  and  after  the  customers  requirements  are  met.  Customer   service  is  a  practice  that  is  highly  related  to  human  resource  management and  also  to  companies  managers.  This  relationship  is