Working from home or virtually is a current norm embraced by modern companies. Human Resource (HR) managers are tasked with incorporating the new norm into their functions to improve an organization’s performance and efficiency. Employees prefer a remote or virtual work environment due to its convenience. Today, many employees request, through their contracts, that part
The emerging worldwide concern for the environment has forced several business organizations, such as Baker Hughes, to adopt sustainable management and green human resource (HR) practices, which are aimed at improving their environmental performance. Green HR management, a product of corporate sustainability and environmental conservation, focuses on hiring environmentally cognizant employees and leveraging their expertise
Human resource management has become a prodigiously, popular organizational function. Over the years, organizations have appreciated HRM’s importance as a major driver towards achieving organizational goals. The following sections explore how human resource processes support organizational performance. Section 1 Main Organizational Objectives that HR is responsible for Delivering. Human resource objectives are influenced by organizational,
Executive Summary The individual project was aimed at exploring various aspects of the human resources operations in recruitment, training, employee scheduling, and documentation. The paper provides detailed job descriptions for the restaurant manager and waiter positions. Additionally, an orientation and training plan are provided for the waiter position; a work schedule for one week’s operations
The development of a hiring plan is a crucial step for every organization that seeks to achieve set objectives. The development of a hiring plan ensures that organizations recruit individuals who are skilled and have the requirements that are needed to hold particular roles or positions within a given firm. The hiring process should be
The Mission Command philosophy is built on the premise that war is uncertain and chaotic, and no single plan can effectively address all situations in any war scenario. This is particularly more applicable in defensive operations, which have no particular planned activity. The philosophy emphasizes the empowerment of decentralized execution and decision making by subordinates.
Introduction FFH is a diverse retail chain offering a wide range of services in home, automotive, farm, and hardware supplies. The enterprise has been in existence for 42 years. Notably, growth has been evident with the expansion of store locations, distribution centers, and a stable headquarter. The business’s customer service skills and competent employees have
Discussion on Pay Equity A firm that operates with transparency earns trust from their workers. As a result, this boosts their morale especially when they are treated equally with their colleagues. In this regard, internal pay equity is essential to aid workers who are top performers. This also upgrades chances of employers to recruit the
The automotive industry is one of the leading ones at the global level that is subject to significant advancements as far as its current and future potentials are concerned. Currently, the global industry consists of several companies specialized in car manufacturing, as well as the ones involved in the marketing and distribution of automobile products,
My conflict styles, according to the assessment, are problem-solving, compromiser, accommodator, avoider, and competer. I scored 100% on problem-solving, and I agree that when a conflict arises, I always seek to understand the underlying reasons for the conflict and devise ways of resolving it. I was surprised that I often avoid conflicts on various occasions