Digital Evidence in Cyber Forensics Examinations Introduction In the past, the term computer evidence implied “the consistent print out from a computer”. In the world today, however, computer evidence signifies the data from the storage media, including hard drives and floppy disks, capturing of data transmitted through communications links, emails, and log files that are
Introduction Every human being would wish that his or her privacy respected and that his or her personal life is protected. Humans prefer to have control on who should know what about them and which things should be known about them. Nobody would be happy when everybody can access their information on their private life
Six Tips for stretching IT Budgets; Positive and Negative Impacts of the Recommendations Positive impacts of the six tips for stretching IT budgets Much of effort and cost in most organizations originates from the re-invention and re-discovery of new software (Mugisa, 2000). It involves copy-pasting codes from the existing software to a new one. Since
Internet Neutrality Option A This section reflects an argument by supporters of net neutrality concerning the transparency of the internet. They claim that it is mandatory for the Federal Communication Commission FCC to protect the openness of the net. Imposing restriction on internet service providers IPS to keep IPS from either discriminating of favoring against
The Aspects in Online Advertising Technologies Advertising technology has evolved a lot allowing for big innovations in the program. In this note, businesses have turned to online technologies with the aim of reaching a large group of prospective customers. Therefore, it has become important for businesses to enhance the strategic value through better ways of
Various pediatric institutions specifically the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Canadian Society of Pediatrics have advised the variation of time length to exposure of children to technology (Roeser, 2010). For instance, these institutions have argued that infants aged between 0 and 2 years should never be granted any technological experience (Levesque, 2012). Children aged
Standardization Culture and Real Culture Adorno used the term ‘cultural industry’ to contend that the path in which cultural things were created was practically equivalent to how different commercial enterprises fabricated boundless amounts of buyer merchandise. Adorno contended that the cultural industry showed a ‘mechanical production system character”, which could be seen in ‘the manufactured,
Individual: Effect of Systems on Business Computers are essential in promoting digital literacy and allowing the accessibility of open data, as they are some of the most convenient devices discovered by man. They have continued to make work easier for human beings and have become an integral part of the society. Computers are useful in
Abstract Many people have been victims of ineffective advertisements through pop-ups, which have invaded their computers screens and mobile device such as smartphones and tablets. Using a set of sensors placed on bodies, tools and equipment and other devices, in addition to people’s social networks, it is possible to collect information, which can in turn
Inefficient Database The problem of inefficient database storage for car dealers is on the rise in the state of Texas. This has led to losses, tax lawsuits, and decline in their appeal to the public. The management information system (MIS) will fix this problem by coming up with a central record to keep  track of