The law of contract involves various essential elements without which a contract is void, and any party to the said contract cannot enforce it in a court of law to recover damages or refund in case one of the parties fails to fulfill the contractual obligations. Besides offer and acceptance, consideration is essential in the
Morality, in a nutshell, describes the set of principles that govern an individual’s behavior. Society generally perceives that there is one set of norms for what is right and wrong which applies to everyone. One of the topics that sparks a question of morality is abortion. Countries around the globe strongly condemn the idea of
No outdoor automobile has generated greater social conflict and public outrage than personal watercraft, commonly known as jet ski. The controversy emerges from the noise, pollution, degradation of outdoor experiences, disruption of wildlife, and menace to public safety. The ruling by the a three-judge panel in the Court of Appeal in San Francisco to uphold
In 1903 AD Oregon enacted a law which restricted ladies or women from working more 10 hours per day .Curt Muller the owner the of Grand Laundry was arrested and charged for breaking Oregon law by forcing a female employee Emma Gotcher unionist and wife of a leader of the Shirtwaist and Laundry workers` Union

Sample Law Paper on Police Reforms

Rehabilitative approach as a way of resolving criminal attitudes and behavior among the youth in order to control youth related crime 2 Background and Context Crime committed by young offenders is referred to as a delinquency rather than criminal. In Hong Kong youngsters who commit crime are divide into two categories; juvenile offenders (convicts of
Qatar’s Labor Law Employment contract must be in writing and signed by employer and employee. Employer should a healthy and safe working environment to employee.  It is important to fulfill guidelines provided by law while making budgets, performing job analysis, making job description, advertising for vacancy and also taking a new employee on-board. This law
“Do you See a Difference Between Justice and Law? Explain your Position. Since Plato’s time, legal and political commentators have been struggling with the question of whether justice is a component of law or is merely a moral stance about law. Virtually every author on the topic has either deduced that justice is just a judgment
INTRODUCTION The fact pattern in this case raises a number of pertinent issues for determination. First, whether Dollar Construction Ltd (hereinafter “Dollar”) has breached the construction contract by failing to update its master programme to Newton University (“the University”). Secondly, what is the status of the master programme and subsequent changes thereto? Thirdly, whether Dollar
Introduction As Benjamin Franklin says that there were only two things which were inevitable in life, taxes, and death, this means that in life as the death must occur, every consumer of producer will also pay taxes at some point either knowingly or unknowing. The United States is not an exception to other nations who
It takes an uninterrupted strategy to choose from all conceivable actions in a current situation, the best action which brings the greatest happiness to the affected individuals. It holds each situation as being unique. At any time, when considering the current situation, it is always necessary to list the possible option of action. It is