Prompt. Lord Lester QC stated “Law care is as important to our wellbeing as healthcare, but it is no longer within the reach of most people”. The decline of legal aid is therefore a failure to the government. Globally, any institution is governed by laws that define the procedure or behavior to be upheld in
Settling Tax Dispute in IRS In matters that concern settling of tax disputes, various reasons reveal why clients would seek solutions. This is in relation to wrangles in taxes that incorporate agents. It does not support plead for help that is in the IRS category.  Clearly, it fails to incorporate complications or legal actions. Evidently,

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There has been an extensive debate on whether the number of Supreme Court justices should be increased. I do not agree with the idea. According to Bomboy (n.p.), the constitution has not provided any provision relating to either increasing or reducing the number of judges. Based on the assertion of increasing the number of judges,
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Should there be Age Limit for Judges in Armenia? Over the years, the debate on the term limits for the judges has been a subject of discussions in many countries.  The idea of the age limit for the judges is a common practice around the world, especially among the European countries, for instance, Armenia, Croatia,
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The Certificate of Need (CON) is a national law that was related to the Hill-Burton Act in 1946. The main aim of establishing the Certificate of Need programs was to ensure that there is regulation of the number of beds that a hospital or a nursing home can have. Through the CON, hospitals and nursing
The police have a very demanding job, and one type of behavior does not cover the spectrum of situations they could encounter each day. Selecting a person with good character and exceptional problem-solving skills, but lacks physical strength could place civilians, other police, and himself or herself in danger. Several the legislative actions are affected