Leadership Failure in Boston Bombing Introduction We are living in turbulent times where nations and continents face an escalation in various forms of risks ranging from protracted and intense conflicts, manmade and natural disasters, corporate crises, terrorism and crucially, cyber threats to mega-events and infrastructures. Such rise in mega-crises presents a new type of challenge
Inside-out Approach Inside-out approach is a leadership approach that entails starting with oneself before starting with others. The approach calls for one to start with his/her character, motives, and paradigms toachieve private or personal victories before proceeding to achieve public victories. This approach is essential in leadership as leaders are able to build their character
Special Cases in Coaching Introduction Coaching is a training process that involves a coach and a coachee. A coach acts as support to the learner, who is the coachee, to achieve specific growth and expansion goals. A successful coach must be knowledgeable with an ability to ensure the delivery of results in a way that
Effective Leadership Styles Leadership is different when compared to management. The latter is only mandated to control a select group of people, project, or organization towards the achievement of a certain objective, vision, or mission. A leader, on the other hand, is responsible for creating a sense of direction, ideas, and thoughts that guide and
Introduction The journal Christian School Leaders and Spirituality by Susan Banke, Nancy Maldonado and Candance Lacey examines Christian school heads as participants in a study directed towards reviewing the effectiveness and efficiency of the administrators in their role as spiritual leaders in their schools. Through interviews (both face-to-face and on telephone) the participants gave up
Millar case In the textbook, the author has stated that a leader must enable other people to act. Decisions that that affect others should not be made without involving them. In the Millar case, Rebecca Olson did not just decide on what to do with the VP of the company. She talked to him and
  Issues of Natural Power As per Locke, political force is the natural power of each one man largely surrendered under the control of an assigned body. The setting up of government is a great deal less critical, Locke considers, than this unique social–political “minimal.” A group surrenders some level of its characteristic rights for
Essentials of Leadership Introduction In any organization, whether private or corporate, governmental or nongovernmental, leadership is one of the key most things. Organizational progress is well connected squarely to the leadership. An organization would either progress or fall depending on the tact, the style and the traits reflected by the leadership. Whatever the effects, whether
Charismatic Leadership             Charisma is a character that is always admired in any leader. Charismatic leaders have an enormous capability to empower their followers to deliver extra ordinary performance. This paper discusses qualities and importance of a charismatic leader Self-confidence is one of the most important characteristics of a charismatic leader. Avolio and Yammarino (179),
BHP And Ok Tedi Case Study Ethical Issue Globalization trend tends to spread the scope of environmental damage through transnational business operations (Kline 207). Ethical analysis regarding ecological economics centers on a span of environmental issues. In the Ok Tedi case study, the ethical issue recurring from time to time is the question of environmental