The best way to protest against war today is through art because it is capable of influencing social, economic, and political issues. Pablo Picasso, a famous painter, expressed his displeasure against war using the Guernica painting, which he painted in 1937. The massive mural-sized painting has been presented to millions of audience, especially during the
A Critical Analysis of a Work By Means of a Literary Theory “A Young Goodman Brown” is Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story that was published in the year 1835.  The story is set in the 17th century in Puritan New England and its focus is on the Puritan beliefs on the concepts of good and evil.
Children of Men is a futuristic film set in London in the year 2021. The film depicts a the human species as potentially extinct due to a series of tragedies. In over two decades, disaster has struck the human race, and in more than eighteen years, no woman has ever conceived a child. The film,
Literature Analysis Paper on  “Yet Do I Marvel Poem” Countee Cullen composed the poem titled “Yet Do I Marvel” with the main intention of passing a message regarding his own way of understanding God especially his acts. The tone is a smooth one because he is not complaining but is marveled by the way in
Greek/Roman Mythology Thesis Statement Myths have the ability to demonstrate the worldview of a particular culture because of its potential to act as a symbolic tale to present their past. Annotated Bibliography Cartwright, M. (2012). Greek mythology. Ancient History Encyclopedia. Retrieved from In this article, the author addresses the role that myths played in
Interpretation and Analysis of The Poem “A Supermarket in California” “A Supermarket in California” is a poem by Allen Ginsberg, an American poet.  It was first published in Howl and Other Poems. The narrator, Allen Ginsberg has an imagination of going to a Californian supermarket. At this supermarket he finds his idol Walt Whitman shopping
Sample Literature Essays on Romanticism and Realism Introduction The 18th century was largely dominated by the Romantics whose point of focus was nature and emotions. Romanticism is depicted as a theory that is chiefly concerned with human emotions, and bizarre and fantastic aspects of the human experience. It bases its objectives on a melancholic spirit.
Sample Literature Paper on Octave and Sestet A sonnet can be identified easily by its length because poems which comprise 14 lines in length are known as a sonnet. Majority of sonnets have different rhyme schemes and variations, but they follow the structure of octave and sestet. William Wordworth’s poem is a perfect example of
Satanic Iago: Is Iago a Satan-Like Figure? Should He Be Seen as a Tempter Who Leads the Innocent Othello and Desdemona to Their Doom out of Malice? Othello is a 17th century tragedy that revolves around a black army general Othello and his malicious ensign Iago. Iago is perhaps one of Shakespeare’s most evil characters.
Literature Essays on Identity in “A Song in the Front Yard” Though identity provides us with a means of answering the question ‘who am I’, it is not merely about personality and the sort of person we are (Mclean 26). Identity is different from personality in important aspects, we may share personality traits with other