Social media marketing is one of the 21st century innovations that has completely revolutionized marketing and business-customer relations. Although it has many advantages, social media marketing can damage brand images if misused. Brand image communication on social media starts by nurturing good customer relations. Good customer relations begins with the supply of high quality goods
Mental health The article, “Supporting Mental Health, Wellbeing and Study Skills in Higher Education: An Online Intervention System” is a research work by Alexia Barrable, Marietta Papadatou-Pastou, and Patapia Tzotzoli. Barrable is a lecturer at the University of Dundee, Marietta is a lecturer at the University of Athens while Patapia works at My Psychologic clinic
Blendjet blender is a portable battery-operated blender used to make fresh smoothies, baby food and shakes. This blender has 6 stainless-steel blender blades that are durable and strong. It has a single button that makes operation easier by customers. Blendjet’s battery is a 2000mAh that can be charged through a USB port. Furthermore, blendjet has
Introduction A lot of innovation has been applied to market Nike using billboards, television, magazines and other traditional media. The advertising of Nike has majorly relied on aesthetics of the company’s flagship products. This program is aimed at using creativity to reach potential market using the conventional media. Advertising Most advertising uses traditional media. It
Marketing careers in Kuwait Marketing is the procedure of communication that reveals the value of services or products to potential clients. The major objective of this process is to promote the selling operations. Adel and Larry (45), terms marketing to be a vital factor in business that attracts the attention of buyers. It is a
The article “FACEBOOK ADDS MORE REFINED TARGETING FOR APP-INSTALL ADS” is about an App Event Optimization strategy that Facebook intends to implement to target people who perform specific actions on different platforms. The plan aims at eliminating the current trend of apps being installed to uninterested people, thus rendering the apps useless. Using the new
The use of social media has been related to numerous benefits and negative effects over the years. While it enables users to access information, eases communication, and use the site to promote their social life, social media also exposes its users to negative effects like cyberbullying and isolation, which can contribute to suicidal thoughts. There
Introduction Advertising awareness is a marketing approach designed to increase consumer familiarity with a company’s overall message and the service products it offers. The main objective for advertising is to inform, persuade, and induce customers to purchase a company’s product Awareness advertising seeks to boom the name recognition of a small business in the minds

Sample Marketing Paper on Pricing

Price is one of the primary features of the marketing mix that directly affects the business financial performance and in a short run interferes with the firm’s effectiveness. As such, strategic pricing entails significant relations between marketing and other factors of the organization (De Toni et al. 121). However, my friend did not consider the
The concept of competitive pricing in business is in most cases promoted by the availability of close substitutes of a particular product. Notably, most companies engage in this practice not only to increase their level of sales but to control a large portion of the market. For instance, substitute products such as Colgate and Pepsodent