Neurocognitive functioning tests are conducted to identify strengths and weaknesses in cognitive domains for instance attention and concentration, intellectual capacity, language and communication, and memory (Committee on Psychological Testing, 2015). The test is an essential component in ascertaining treatment responses, predict recovery, and differential diagnosis during an examination of cognitive impairments, brain damage, and neurological
Epidemiology is a section of medical science that covers the spread of diseases and the causal factors within a group of people and the steps taken to curb and contain the disease by identification of possible predisposing sources for the illness (Robins, Hernan, & Brumback, 2000). The study targets masses of people. In conducting research,
The Role and Importance of Forensic Medicine Introduction Since the turn of the century, forensic science has undergone a significant transformation due to advancement in medical technology. Moreover, it has grown to be an established tool in modern legal practice. As cited by De Forest, Gaensslen, and Lee (2003), forensic science, particularly medicine is extensively
Cardiovascular Diseases: Stroke Cardiovascular diseases are any anomalies of the blood vessels or the heart. The most common cardiovascular condition is narrowing of the arterial vessels by fats or plaque, which impedes blood flow. There are different types of cardiovascular diseases, but stroke remains a focus for this paper. Stroke develops due to deprivation of
Nanobacteria Nanobacteria (NB) are cytotoxic, antiseptic-filterable, tiny, and unusual bacteria perceived in bovine as well as human blood (Urbano & Urbano, 2007). They are tiny bodies, which generate carbonate apatite in their cell walls. The tinier ones can navigate membranes smaller holes, and can be viewed by scanning electron microscopy or transmission electron microscopy whereby
The brain has a circuit that gives us the motive to perform and complete a desirable act. The part of the brain that controls the emotions is the Amygdala. It includes all kinds of pleasure from laughter to sex (Clark, 5). Just like any other part of our bodies, the genitals contain different types of
Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) The Congestive Heart Failure is one of the most common clinical complications that result from vascular congestion as well as reduced cardiac output.  Additionally, the illness can also be explained as a complex medical syndrome that can result from both structural and functional cardiac complications that may result in the impairment
Focus of Medical Research Medical research is diverse and dependent on the needs of the society and organization that funds it. It provides crucial information on disease characteristics and risk factors, treatment outcomes, and necessary health interventions. Different research methodologies may lead to the invention of new therapies and considerable improvement in the medical field.
Homeostasis Homeostasis is a biological process that living organisms use to maintain their internal environment at an optimum range depending on the changes occurring in the external environment. The process of homeostasis is crucial because when some internal factors deviate further from the normal range body or the cells stop functioning properly. For instance, the
Patient Care Report Introduction: The definition of patient care report and emergency services in a hospital setup represents the use of primary data in the treatment of patients. This report is important in treating patients and attending to emergence situations. This essay discusses the importance of the patient care report from the pre-hospital setting for