Introduction. The film; The Devil Wears Prada is a clip that rotates around three women and depicts their power in assigned duties at work, friendship and love in difficult and more frequently inconsistent standpoints. The analysis of powers contained in the female shows that they tend to utilize their strengths in advancing careers of other

Movie Review on The Heiress

The Heiress Analyzing the second half of the play ‘The Heiress,’ I noticed that there is change in the way that Catherine expresses herself. She suddenly becomes distant and boring, which was different when she was hopeful during her adolescence days. Evidently, these turn of events took place when Morris abandoned her. Later after two
Twelve years of a Slave The narration ’12 years of a slave’ incorporates two family structures that are young parents and extended family unit. Solomon became a slave when he already had a partner and children. This happened when Solomon was a respected personality in society. Later, Solomon realized that his daughter had been married
Sample Movie Review on The Sixth Sense (1999) Analysis of the movie, The Sixth Sense, from a modern perspective shows that the film is not a thriller. It is a ghost story that flourished some decades ago, for its subtle storytelling that springs an unexpected twist in the climax. In the past, people believed that
Sample Movie Review on The Godfather The Godfather is one of the modern films based on ancient promethean myths, evident in the plot and themes. This is a story of a New York family at the end of the Second World War. The family seems to be involved in organized crime characterized by a definite
Mississippi Burning Movie Summary Set during the civil rights movement period, the movie Mississippi burning is an exquisite depiction of the time period, providing a glimpse into the occurrences that punctuated the era. Through the story of Allan Ward and his colleague Rupert Anderson, the movie explores the struggle for civil rights that permeated the
Beowulf and North European Myth In the beginning, it can be noted that both myths were written in the early eras since they elaborate on stories that do not exist in the present day. Many people nowadays consider myths to be real as they involve stories told from one generation to another. They are said

How I Met Your Mother Series

How I Met Your Mother Series After I watched how I met your mother, the series, I realized that the whole film refers to relationships’ topic. Everybody is affected by relationships regardless of their age in this movie. Actually, there are characters who love the friends of their parents. This can sound weird because there
“12 Years a Slave” Overview This is a British-American traditional drama film, produced in 2013. It was adapted from the 1853 precious moment of the same name, Solomon Northup. He is a citizen of New York who was taken away and sold as a slave. He proved helpful on farms in Louisiana State for 12
Kingdom of Heaven Movie             “Kingdom of Heaven” is an epic film about an ordinary man who experiences a life that is characterized by long moments of war. As a stranger in a land he knows very little about, he finds himself as a servant of an undeserving king. He also falls into an illegal