The controversial bill “Dying with Dignity” was introduced in the Quebec National Assembly. It allowed the residents freedom to call for medical assistance to die. The passing of the bill would make end-of-life protection more comfortable for the citizens. Senator Nightingale has been working for a public interest group. Being his legal advisor, I would
Introduction Congress enacted the Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) Assignment Improvement Act of 2019 to motivate healthcare providers to improve the quality of healthcare services they provide to their clients. The Act ensures there is value for money for federal government funds for service healthcare organizations offers to Medicare beneficiaries. The Act recognizes that it is essential
Study objective and study design Delirium is among the major conditions that pose a great risk in the health of elderly patients undergoing orthopedic surgery. Therefore, this study was conducted to unravel this problem in the orthopedic unit. The broad objective of the study was to investigate the knowledge of orthopedic nurses’ about delirium and
COVID-19 has altered life significantly. Social distancing is now the norm and has prompted the restriction of activities, including sports, work, and recreation, and trade. Many countries affected lockdowns, which impeded different sectors, especially tourism, teaching, and trade, among others. Countries have had to close learning institutions indefinitely, leading to the loss of teaching jobs
Professional accountability in nursing includes taking responsibility for one’s decisions to maintain high care standards, as well as encourage patient safety. Nurses’ accountability ensures their duties’ effective performance (Krautscheid, 2014). It also encourages prioritizing patients’ needs and enhancing nursing skills. This paper aims to demonstrate nurses’ professional accountability in clinical expertise, nursing processes, and evidence-based
Depression is one of the most common health problems faced by many individuals, especially adults. Adults majorly experience depression as a result of various issues such as employment and financial concerns. As a nurse practitioner, I believe that by engaging in regular activities, at least 30 minutes a day, patients diagnosed with depression can achieve
Introduction Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis. It affects millions of people around the world. The disease process is such that the protective cartilage cushioning the ends of bones wears down with time. The disease affects any joints of the body; however, the most commonly affected joints include the spine, hands, knees,
Rapid advances and changes are continually occurring in the technological field. Emerging developments in the nursing practice necessitate changes in the nursing education system. The nursing profession is an integrated area that requires the acquisition of skills and knowledge in adaptive and cognitive domains. Updating the education systems associated with the nursing practice can help
Many patients have inadequate knowledge regarding their prescribed drugs. Therefore, it is easy for patients to make serious errors with their drugs. Statistics reveal that over 300,000 Americans contact the Poison Control Center every year to ask for help with a medication mistake (Poison Control Center, 2020). Importantly, research indicates that the rate of severe
DQ1: Describe a Clinical Experience that was Troubling You. Patients receive medication in the form of prescribed dosages. Prescription variations are determined by factors such as the severity of illness, patient’s age, and the effect of the drug. Failure to administer the medication to the patients properly can cause life-threatening health consequences on the patient’s