Introduction The prevalence of drug abuse in society has been on a steady rise. This is a persistent public health issue which has been complicated further by the availability of synthetic recreational drugs. These drugs which are often referred to as “research chemicals” or “legal highs,” are artificial substitutes to traditional drugs of abuse.  Most
Like the famous activist Marian Wright Edelman once said, “Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.” Education is important because it is the process through which we achieve skill, values and knowledge to apply to our professions. Education is important in nursing
A framework can be defined as an abstract and logical structure of a meaning that informs a particular development of the study (Younas, & Quennell, 2019). To this end, all frameworks are grounded on the identification of key concepts and the interplay among those concepts. The descriptive theory refers to abstract generalizations that systematically explain
Abstract There are a handful of care delivery models in the field of nursing. These include team nursing, total patient care, functional nursing, and primary nursing. Whatever model an organization chooses to incorporate is dependent on factors such as costs and the number of patients. This paper seeks to analyze the functional nursing model of
Introduction For a long time, lateral epicondylitis has been among the leading musculoskeletal conditions affecting people, especially in the sporting arena. Having witnessed the pain that a patient goes through when a close friend had lateral epicondylitis after a Lon tennis session, I researched the disorder to get insight into its anatomy and the ideal
: Background of the Case Study Infectious conjunctivitis refers to the inflammation of the conjunctiva a membrane covering sclera due to viral or bacterial infection. Infectious conjunctivitis caused by bacteria is known as Bacterial conjunctivitis while viral conjunctivitis is caused by contagious viruses. Common symptoms associated with infectious conjunctivitis are reddening of the eye and
Introduction Everybody has a career that he might want to establish which will help him and the society. In any case, this is just attainable through having a successful, solid and substantial profession plan, that diagrams activities, timeframe and motivation set to be practised. With a nursing, career ,i anticipate achieving different expert and individual
The practical learning requires the student to have a better and favorable environment that will guide them to have a unique and better understanding. Notably, the situation equips the nursing learner with the best methods that facilities the effective practice and handling of issues related to the health problem (Meller, 2019). Enhancing the better environment
Organizational Analysis-Analysis Experience Shadowing nurse leaders prepares healthcare professionals for their future managerial positions. Through the observation process, clinical workers observe the relevant skills and expertise that a clinical manager needs to foster productivity in an organization. The opportunity to shadow Jorge Diaz, the Director of Nursing at All Around Home Health Agency, Inc. and
Background of the study About 60 percent of male patients that are African Americans have attended the practice. The patient’s group, specifically those between the age of 18 and 65, has visits mostly associated with hypertension. A lot tend to present to the clinic only if they are sent by their dentist, have a headache