Background information about the organ The organ affected by Graves’ disease is the thyroid gland. The thyroid is thumb-sized and is located at the base of the neck in front of the windpipe and right below the Adam’s apple.  The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped organ. It has two lobes connected to the isthmus in the
The nursing profession covers a vast scope and is a lot more than just practical tasks. Unlike other professions, nursing emphasizes more on balancing many types of knowledge: practical, emotional, and social. It also emphasizes more on balancing many different titles such as educator, supporter, mentor and mentee. Moreover, balancing the stress and exhaustion that
Introduction When nursing began, it had very little to do with formal medical training and gender affiliations. In the early days, women learned basic nursing skills from their mothers. Nursing was not viewed as a respected trade. The women who happened to acquire the necessary nursing skills and women were generally considered caregivers, an extension
Introduction In this case scenario analysis, I will provide an in-depth outline,  discussion, and analysis of the assessment and care plan of a patient admitted in the emergency department. The patient’s signs and symptoms, presenting pathophysiology, and effective interventions will be analysed using a range of assessment tools. Besides, the essay will put more emphasis
IOM Future of Nursing The Robert Wood Foundation and the IOM formed a coalition in 2008. One of its core objectives was to monitor nursing profession changes (RWJF, 2016). The purpose of the report was to form a plan for nursing growth and development in the medical field. The report was also a reflection of
Bullying at the work place is a common occurrence, and hospitals have reported cases where bullying has been enabled or encouraged. Nurses and doctors are known to report cases of bullying from time to time, citing the effects they have on productivity. Work place bullying is an emotional and physical harm that is caused by
Situation: Benedict Santos, A 59-year-old man, presents with three days of dyspnea, fever, chest pain, and a productive cough with bloody sputum. The medical assistant in the emergency room finds the saturation of at 86% value. The medic decided to get the arterial blood gas (ABG) of the room as they wait for a radiographer
The controversial bill “Dying with Dignity” was introduced in the Quebec National Assembly. It allowed the residents freedom to call for medical assistance to die. The passing of the bill would make end-of-life protection more comfortable for the citizens. Senator Nightingale has been working for a public interest group. Being his legal advisor, I would
Introduction Congress enacted the Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) Assignment Improvement Act of 2019 to motivate healthcare providers to improve the quality of healthcare services they provide to their clients. The Act ensures there is value for money for federal government funds for service healthcare organizations offers to Medicare beneficiaries. The Act recognizes that it is essential
COVID-19 has altered life significantly. Social distancing is now the norm and has prompted the restriction of activities, including sports, work, and recreation, and trade. Many countries affected lockdowns, which impeded different sectors, especially tourism, teaching, and trade, among others. Countries have had to close learning institutions indefinitely, leading to the loss of teaching jobs