Human resource management (HRM) refers to a strategic approach for effectively managing people in an organization or company ultimately helping in the gain of a competitive advantage. HRM’s overall purpose is ensuring that an organization or company achieves success majorly through its human resources or people. HRM is a strategic approach in the management of
The care of pregnant women diagnosed with HIV/AIDS can be challenging because their management entails addressing their health needs and that of their unborn child or children. The goals and objectives of the presentation for pregnant women diagnosed with HIV/AIDS revolves around the health of the mother and the unborn child or children during the
Research Topic: Sickle Cell Disease in Saudi Arabia Description of Topic Sickle cell disease refers to a group of disorders occurring in the red blood cells characterized by dysfunction of hemoglobin, which is a molecule in the red blood cells responsible for delivering oxygen to cells around the body. The resultant low oxygen circulation in
Question 1  From the article “Dynamics that Contribute to Racial Disproportionality and Disparity: Perspectives From Child Welfare Professional, Communities, and Families” I was intrigued by theme five: inability of many child welfare professionals to relate with clients. Indeed, these professionals’ main role is to advance the welfare of at-danger children, thus their inability to relate
Research Question/Methodology/Design The research question to be addressed is: Is there a relationship between long shift hours and backache in nurses? This question is exploratory, focusing on the relationship between subjective factors (the physical experiences of nurses) and the work environment, characterized by long work hours. The most suitable methodology for this kind of research
Rent collection is one of the challenges that landlords commonly face. The activity is not only time but can also be stressful. Moreover, landlords also need to develop individual tenant reports, particularly on payment trends, as well as payment reports for entire properties. An excellent web-based application linked to the landlord’s bank account can be
Critical Appraisal of the Article The research questions or hypotheses and their theoretical and practical relevance, i.e., a rationale for why the research was important;   The primary purpose of this research is to examine various sources and the perceived impacts of consumer confusion on the related decision-making processes. According to the article, the stipulated
Islam is one of the religious groups with the most followers globally. Like other religious groups Muslim share certain characteristics such as their dressing code, beliefs about a higher power, worldview or perceptions towards life and the afterlife, and events or festivals use to celebrate their religion. Like other countries, Muslims in New Zealand adheres
Culture encompasses objects and symbols, such as media, race, gender, and education. The meaning of these objects pervades in the broader social and cultural life. Therefore, certain patterns, traits, and institutions are linked to different societies, and they unfold through practices and belief systems. The diversity of culture, entwined with civilization, has led to controversies
The case of George provides a perfect background for the exploration of conditions leading to the development of bipolar I disorder. The patient shows various symptoms that have been included in the diagnostic criteria for bipolar I disorder. These symptoms have interfered with the patient’s functioning in social and professional environments, and have escalated over