Philosophy Paper on Legalization of Drugs Washington, after Colorado is among the states that have legalized drugs, particularly medical marijuana. Through a successful ballot measure, the two states are among the first in the United States to legalize marijuana use. Proponents and opponents were (and still are), to the move by the two states, each
Sample Philosophy Paper on Bioethics A liberal egalitarian theory highlights the significance of combining fairness and individual liberty in reference to seeking justice for individuals. It creates fairness for any discriminations and choices made in the society. Everyone has a right to claim a quality health care and health benefits that ensure prevention from any
Philosophy and Science It can be highlighted that philosophy perpetually grows to be obsolete with the growth and maturation of scientific conceptualizations as a false assumption (Goldstein, 2014, p. 1). In this regard, it can be connoted that philosophy still continues to serve a purpose even with the advent growth and development of science. The activities
Sample Philosophy Essays on Cephalus, Polemarchus and Thrasymachus Summarize the definitions of justice given by Cephalus, Polemarchus and Thrasymachus, then provide Socrates’ respective counter­arguments. Which of these three definitions seem the strongest to you? Why or Why not? According to Cephalus, justice comprises everything that includes telling the truth, living by the laws, and returning
Subjective and cultural relativism Subjective relativism refers to the view that an action is regarded as morally right if one approves of it. This is a philosophical position that declares that every person is his or her own authority on the moral life and the source of his own moral principles. This reasoning grants every
Philosophy Paper on  “plot is the soul of tragedy Aristotle explains that everything that takes place in a story follow a plot. A plot refers to an abstract concept of arranged incidents within a play. The arranged incidents make it possible for a tragedy to occur even in the absence of characters (Belfiore). When he
Goodness and Badness of Actions Introduction The field of axiology focuses on values or ethics and aesthetics, perspectives that are part of everyday life. For a long time, there have been debates on whether particular behaviors exhibited by people in day-to-day life are right or wrong, and it is in such scenarios that the concept
Determinism and Free Will Introduction When the topic of metaphysics is mentioned, focus shifts to philosophical perspectives that give an explanation of the fundamental nature of being or existence and the universe that encompasses both. Metaphysics often seeks to answer basic questions, such as “what is there” and “what is it like.” One of the
Skepticism and knowledge Introduction One of the greatest concerns on the topic of epistemology has been the correlation between skepticism and knowledge. To determine the correlation between the two terms, having a clear understanding of their definitions is essential. First, skepticism is defined as having a questioning attitude or behavior towards beliefs or opinions that,
Evaluating Lafollette’s Argument That Parents Should Be Licensed Ensuring children’s safety is probably a challenging responsibility for many parents. In the article “Licensing Parents,” Hugh Lafollette asserts that the state should necessitate all parents to be licensed to enhance security of children. The process of licensing parents is compared to that of adopting children, but