A political and religious dispute has been one of the root cause of the wide-spread violence, globally. Every part of the globe is highly susceptible to violence and unrest brought upon by opposing views which ultimately gave rise to terrorist groups. Nigeria, for example, is one of the countries facing terrorist’s attacks brought upon by
1. Advantages and disadvantages of representative democracy Advantages Representative democracy is highly efficient because it ensures a proper balance in the government, and there are no differences in the level of powers for different groups. Representative democracy is designed so that the people work together to achieve a common goal, unlike direct democracy, whereby the
Introduction Immigration is the process of movement of people towards the non-native countries. Globally, nations has their respective legislation’s regarding he regulation, supervision and control of immigration. In the recent years, Newzealand came out as a favorable destination for people worldwide to settle there, which leads to continues evolving immigration regime and respective legislative evolution.
The European Union represents an economic as well as political union comprising 28 nations and member states. All the countries are located in Europe. The Union employs a system that allows for decisions negotiations by intergovernmental organizations and supranational institutions (Obadic 23-35). The members agreed to have a standard law that would apply to all
Introduction Celebrities (actors, musicians and other influential superstars) within political circles is popular is a common phenomenon. Celebrity viewpoints on political matters, their participation in political activities, and even endorsements and campaigns for specific candidates and political parties is a common phenomenon (Piknerová & Rybáková, 2017). Studies about celebrity politics are scattered. However, Street (2004),
The 1849 California convention was started by the residents of California as a move to allow them independently make their own choices concerning their political and social lives. At this time, the state of California had seen an influx of people of different races in the region. The Mexicans were also immigrating to the pacific
Introduction             Same-sex marriage is identified as the union that involves a couple that is of similar gender or biological sex. From 2001, 10 countries, in addition to other jurisdictions, have led to the success of the legalization of this union. Legal identification of same-sex marriage and the likelihood to carry out same-sex marriage is
The Democrats and Republican parties are the major parties in the United States of America politics. In fact, nearly all the general elections in the United States of America have always been like a ground for supremacy battles between these two parties. This, therefore, makes the two parties’ major stakeholders in the electoral process. They
Internal and external conflicts are prevalent in correctional agencies, such as prisons and jails. While external conflict areas of correctional facilities are mainly those related to its role expectation, the internal areas of conflict are those related to the role performance of its personnel, which their individual activities can be assessed (Hepburn & Albonetti, 1980,
Introduction Years of increasing friction between leaders of the Republican Party and members of the Tea Party faction have since erupted into a complete mess. Since last year, the differences between the two sections have become apparent. This has meant that the GOP party’s plans and strategies have received stiff opposition from within, thereby compromising