Psychodynamics is a childhood core feeling that develops into a pattern of emotional relations that are enacted in real-life relationships (Chessick, 1991 in Bishop & Jane, 2003 p.1). When treating psychodynamic cases, the childhood feelings are transferred to a therapist through a therapeutic frame and working alliance context (1). During the transference, the patient’s therapist
BPD is the most commonly diagnosed personality disorder. It is mainly characterized by moods, behaviors, and interpersonal relationships that are highly unstable. A person diagnosed with this disorder usually experiences an identity disturbance, which is characterized by a distinct and persistent unsteady sense of who they really are. People often find such an individual highly
In some cultures, the facial features of a person are believed to indicate their temperament. In particular, the shape of the nose is believed to be an indicator as to whether the person is tempestuous or not. Oftentimes, it is believed that persons with sharp noses have stormy tempers and are easier to annoy. This
Introduction Abuse is one of the common challenges faced by a society that results in psychological effects that may affect an individual in his or her lifetime. This article seeks to review the influence of forgiveness therapy on the psychological effects of abuse. It will deal with the areas, such as depressions, anxiety, and emotional
Introduction The ebook provides an overview of personality through many theories and approaches. Personality indicates what constitutes the differences among people. According to Engler (2013), the formation of personality is based on inherited characteristics. The genetic aspects can be divided into three aspects that include introversion-extroversion. In spite of the genetic makeup, personality can be
List and describe 5 different biological changes the elderly can experience Senescence- refers to changes in the normal process of the body over time as a person ages. Some of the parts that these changes affect our hair, skin, and nails. For example, wrinkles in older adults emanate from the loss of fat under the
The majority of people in the world are struggling to lose extra weight. Obesity is detrimental to people’s health. Exercise and a proper diet for a long time have been among the best ways to lose weight. However, recently, weight loss surgery to cut weight has increased, especially in the United Arab Emirates. Weight loss
With the rate of obesity among children increasing by the day, there is an urgent need to determine the root cause of the problem with the end goal of establishing viable, permanent solutions. Considering that the prevalence of childhood obesity is high in developed countries and low in poor and developing nations, obesity in children
While a midlife crisis is not regarded as a universal phenomenon, during one’s 40s and 50s comes the recognition that more than half of one’s life is gone. That recognition may prompt some to feel that the clock is ticking and that they must make sudden, drastic changes in order to achieve their goals, while
Mental health care practices are based on modern developments in psychology are characterized by the works of historical psychologists like Abraham Maslow, whose work formed the foundation of humanistic psychology. Maslow’s was interested in understanding how normal human being functioned and focused most of his studies on motivation and human needs. His focus on human