Criminal justice is a field that is growing day by day and is gradually integrating new careers to improving every offender’s welfare. One of the jobs that I have found most favorable is working as a victim advocate at the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Fort Knox, KY. The job is found at
When we come to speak of mental health, many think that we’re speaking of mentally deranged people often prone to hurt others. But is that really the meaning of mental health? No. Mental health is not merely the absence of mental illness but the ability of oneself to deal with the difficulties that life presents
Though unemployment fell even further to start 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic subsequently led to skyrocketing unemployment. In late March, with the breakout of the COVID-19 epidemic and the subsequent shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders in most states, job losses soared. By the end of May, more than 40 million Americans had filed unemployment claims (Inanc, 2020).
The reading of several studies shows that personality development is a critical part of competency in creating social interaction in a multicultural environment. Personality development is a tool that facilitates improved quality of life because an individual is capable of interacting with different people after mastering the right ways people respond to different stimuli and
A TRAUMATIC ENCOUNTER I FACED. When an individual has been faced with any traumatic experience, it can be a very constricting variant in their everyday activities. They tend to hold back and this can be very debilitating to them. A recent experience with sexual abuse for example altered several aspects of my life. Sex abusers
Coffee and caffeine-containing product use across the world has been increasing. The underlying motivation behind this is that many people have understood caffeine physical and memory performance enhancement product. In some cases, it is also perceived as a hazard to people’s mental and physical health. Caffeine can be considered a health hazard since it leads
Psychodynamics is a childhood core feeling that develops into a pattern of emotional relations that are enacted in real-life relationships (Chessick, 1991 in Bishop & Jane, 2003 p.1). When treating psychodynamic cases, the childhood feelings are transferred to a therapist through a therapeutic frame and working alliance context (1). During the transference, the patient’s therapist
BPD is the most commonly diagnosed personality disorder. It is mainly characterized by moods, behaviors, and interpersonal relationships that are highly unstable. A person diagnosed with this disorder usually experiences an identity disturbance, which is characterized by a distinct and persistent unsteady sense of who they really are. People often find such an individual highly
In some cultures, the facial features of a person are believed to indicate their temperament. In particular, the shape of the nose is believed to be an indicator as to whether the person is tempestuous or not. Oftentimes, it is believed that persons with sharp noses have stormy tempers and are easier to annoy. This
Introduction Abuse is one of the common challenges faced by a society that results in psychological effects that may affect an individual in his or her lifetime. This article seeks to review the influence of forgiveness therapy on the psychological effects of abuse. It will deal with the areas, such as depressions, anxiety, and emotional