Introduction Substance abuse counseling involves giving support to individuals recovering from drug or alcohol addictions and other related behavioral issues. A counselor can provide resources, judgement-free guidance and support by building a trustful relationship with the patient for their recovery. In addition to the family support, a counselor plays a vital role in the prevention
A mass shooting, an incident in which four or more people are killed at a public location, generally being so irrational, horrifying and disturbing, understandably creates public outrage and outcry. Recent mass shootings have reignited the debate over the extent to which mental illness is responsible for mass shootings, and if it should be a
Introduction According to Shalem et al.(2104), Cluster Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) is a segment of DNA that contain short base sequence repetition and are involved in the defense mechanism of viruses to prokaryotic organisms. With the rapid growth of science and technology, gene editing is widely used. CRISPR is an important gene editing
Introduction Policing is one of the high-risk professions in the United States that is likely to lead to mental health issues.  Many policies officers experience a lot of psychological trauma in their day to day interactions with crime and critical incidences. Van der Velden et al. (2012) argued that the high risks in police officers’
Social Cognitive theory provides an in depth understanding of why people change personal health behaviors and how they do it. It also factors in the social and physical environmental determinants that influences them. Kavita H. Poddar submitted a research paper that involved college students. Dairy intake was low and so Poddar seek to use SCT
Introduction Psychology refers to the scientific study of the behavior and minds of human beings (Barlow, 2014). The discipline is multifaceted, and it consists of several sub-fields that include human development, sports, health, clinical, cognitive processes, and social behavior amongst offers ( Field, Sterling, & Davey, 2014). Notably, psychology strives to explain, describe, change, and predict the
According to the book, it is clear that the visual analysis’ design is A-B-A-B reversal design because the data tables displays a rhythm of baseline, intervention, baseline and intervention. There is also a comparison of the month to the kilowatts of energy utilized rounded off to the nearest 100. At the baseline section the data
Introduction Mental stress and performance are known to be the main element vital for the considerable achievement of an athlete. The usage of pressure training intervention program is realized to assist these athletes in establishing particular psychological skills linked with mental stress and performance, for instance, relaxation, imagery of the mental imagery, positive self-talk, and
There exists a notion that intelligence and personality influences a person’s workplace behavior and performance. Most organizations hire people who can demonstrate some degree of intelligence in logical terms. Intelligent people are perceived to be more knowledgeable with excellent reasoning abilities. Good personalities also contribute to exceptional performance and adorable workplace behavior. For this reason,
INTRODUCTION 1.1        Background of the Study Development theories have time and again provided an explanation to the predicament of the BOP (Bottom of Pyramid) nations on poor economic growth, inability to provide basic amenities to her population and unemployment (Malik, 2014). In mitigation of these predicaments most of these nations have had to go through