Abstract Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the conditions commonly affecting children. Approximately 5% of children are affected by this condition, hence prompting the need to find an approach to addressing the problem among children and adults alike. Various intervention measures have been used in the past, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Pharmacological procedures,
Identification of a person in a given community, culture, nation, or language gives an individual a sense of belonging and self-assessment. Social identity is determined by factors like social division of work, differences between  ranks  and responsibilities, the socialization procedures, dissimilarities of cultures, as well as individual’s interrelations with  other  communities  and  groups. Ethnic identity
Interpersonal Psychotherapy Training (IPT) is a form of therapy commonly used in patients with mental illnesses. IPT is typically designed to help depressed people out of their distresses and enhance their social interactions. When utilized appropriately, the IPT intervention is an effective mode of treatment, though, besides its benefits, it has drawbacks too. Advantages of
Music therapy has been used in different healthcare settings to assist patients to relax, focus on their well-being and reduce the risks of anxiety or depressive symptoms among patients. Most parents and caregivers also use music to soothe children to sleep or keep them entertained. This essay provides a reflection of the use of music
Jane (a hypothetical person), is an adolescent woman aged 14 years old, and currently in junior high school. She comes from a family of 6, and is the only female child in that family. For this reason, Jane has had challenging experiences in relation to adolescence changes, and the only person to whom she can
Introduction and the description of the selected area of focus Stress and trauma are adverse mental health conditions that can trigger various life-related events such as PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). Experiences such as rock childhood days, violent assaults, and road accidents among other physical and emotional events can affect an individual’s present healthcare condition. Examining
Correlation is the most commonly used statistical measure for determining relationships among two variables. However, the presence of a relationship does not necessarily mean that one variable can cause the other. Causation examines the cause and effect relationship between variables. Often, misleading interpretations of correlation indicate causation. It is important to note that correlation doesn’t
Jose is a twenty-year-old Latino junior whose parents immigrated into the United States from Central America. At the beginning of the narrative, Jose seems ignorant and unaware of his Latino heritage and roots and often considers himself white. He is in a school where almost everyone else is white and has believed himself to be
The facial-feedback hypothesis affirms that the contraction of the facial muscles determines how a person feels and the emotions he or she displays. The feelings as determined by the facial muscles reveal a lot about how a person feels towards other people or feels about him or her.  That is, the facial muscles are directly
The Disorder and its History Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), also referred to as problematic internet use, is compulsive, questionable use of the internet resulting in significant impairment of various life functionalities over an extended period. With the exponential growth of internet users, troublesome use of the internet is a thing that is being debated worldwide.