Fundraising in Nonprofit Organizations Success in Fundraising Organizations adopt various ways of raising funds with some paying attention to high dollar corporate fundraisings while others seek grants from foundations. One of the most common modes of fundraising that have emerged is online and social media campaigns. Regardless of the manner in which a firm seeks
Future of The Fire Service Concerns for the future It is asserted that over the past years, there have been considerable changes to the environment in which fire and rescue services operate (Wallace 29). There is therefore the need for the workers to embrace the changes and the new techniques of performing tasks so as
Defining hypotheses, variables and data Hypotheses This study is guided by two key hypotheses that the researcher aims to test at the end of the inquiry. They include: H1: integrating internal corporate governance mechanisms in a publicly-funded university will positively impact productivity. H2: integrating external corporate governance mechanisms in a publicly-funded university will positively impact
Integrating Corporate Governance in government-sponsored institutions and how this affects Productivity: An Empirical Analysis of Publicly-Funded Universities in Australia. Literature Review Finalized Study Background             Corporate governance is a common concept in the public domain and it mainly revolves around striking a significant balance between social and economic objectives as well as between personal and
Privatizing public education Policy description For many years now, privatization of public education has been ongoing in different parts of the world. This issue takes different forms. Catlaks and Dekoning claim that this practice has been taking place in two forms under the name of making education reforms. The first form involves importing practices, ideas
Discusses four categories of reform: executive budgeting, formalities, new budgeting approaches and management reforms. Which would make the most sense under which circumstances? Why? Why would another approach not be the most appropriate in that circumstance? Open organization change, execution administration, and administration conveyance are proceeding with need in every general public. Organization change prompts
Abstract Among the tremendous and multiplicity of developments that have happened in the 1oth century, is the rise of democracy as a major wave. Moreover, this is also not to deny the fact that other occurrences have also occurred and been equality important. The concept of democracy first originated from the ancient Greece about two
Environmental Pollution Introduction When planning industrial sites and processes amid other business, governmental, and individual practices, environmental pollution is a factor worth considering and preventing. Environmental pollution denotes the contamination of the physical as well as biological elements of the earth to a degree that normal environmental practices are negatively distressed. Pollution signifies the introduction
Comparison on E-Government in the USA and the UAE Electronic government (E-Government), also commonly known as connected government, online government or digital government refers to the employment of technology, ad particularly internet-based applications by the government for the purposes of enhancing access and delivery of information and government services to its citizens, employees, businesses, other

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Introduction Technological advancement and adoption across the world is providing an enabling environment for borderless, interconnectedness and de-terrorization of administrative policies and initiative across the world today. Using technology, many governments have made and continue to make the access of government activities easily accessible to the citizenry while at the same time alleviating the existence