Public Administration Cost and Information Concepts Assessing Public Policy Initiatives Part 1 The implementation of Public policies initiatives are influenced by a variety of factors; nonetheless, the most Principe aspect is cost. There are three types of costs that are relevant to the choice of policy initiatives by public agencies namely, production costs, bargaining costs
GPA Evolution Changing Perspectives Introduction Public administration refers to a vast range of activities that revolve around a government. It includes an arrangement of public authorities and how they act within the society through the making and implementation of policies. Traditionally, the state is organized in a coterminous with the government concept. According to Van
Public Sector Management vs. Leadership The role and importance of effective leadership, as well as its stark difference from management continue to elicit fresh suggestions on the need to have leaders rather than management in both the private and public sectors.  The differences between the two (leadership and management), and in view of what leaders
Public Policy and Opinion Polls Public policy concerns the government’s guidelines on actions taken by the state’s executive divisions with considerations of the issues that affect a society. The basis of public policy involves constitutional laws and policy with nation-wide implications, developed through a valid political process. There are also judicial explanations and regulations that
Controlling Traffic in Toll Roads Traffic jam is a problem faced by all major cities in the world. Consequently, different cities have developed ways of dealing with this problem. One of the common ways in the United States has been the use of toll roads in metro areas. These roads require users to pay a