Psychology is the ability that an individual possesses to study the mindset and the behavior of either oneself, another party, or even the animals, for they too have feelings for different conditions. In this paper, I will give a self-reflection on the encounter I had at some time in the psychological field. One's feelings and
I chose to visit The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) virtually. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) may currently be inaccessible to everyone, yet I learnt that 'visitors' can find out what is happening on at the exhibition every night of Thursday and virtually daily, thanks to its Virtual Views series of virtual visits. This
Mike Gonzalez, in the article The Resurrections of Che Guevara, analyzes the reasons behind the latest incarnation of Che Guevara the legendary Cuban revolutionary. Since Che’s execution on 9th October 1967 in the Bolivian jungle, there has been a huge proliferation in the use of Che’s image as an icon not only in Cuba and
I understand that the use of digital tools increases efficiency and productivity for organizational success. The course has been instrumental in shaping my thinking towards the use of digital tools. I understand that digital confidence is crucial for driving digital success. Digital proficiency enables me to engage with emerging technology, mobile applications, software, and other
I have learnt from reading the text that mosques are so central in the life of Muslims such that in most Muslim-dominated cities they are built at the center of the city. I outline herein three things that caught my attention in the passage namely the significance of prayer in Muslim lives, unique incorporation of
The next generation management (NGM) module has given me sufficient opportunity to develop my capabilities on different areas of self development. Through an exploration of various themes, I learned more about myself and identified areas for personal improvement to enable me to focus on the objective of improving my efficiency in different areas. Some themes
Journal Reflections Restorative justice is intended to create a form of closure for the victims by having them meet with the offenders and having the offenders understand the impact that their actions have had on their victims. It is a form of dialogue that takes place between the perpetrators of crime and the victims that
Sample Reflection Paper on the Traditional life of the Hopi I found it interesting reading about the Hopi as their traditional stories kept me fascinated and wanting to know more. Their traditional life establishes their creation and cultural identity in a unique way. Their origin account is strongly compelling, and as every group has its
Sample Reflection Paper on an efficient proposal The most important concepts I learned is how to write up an efficient proposal. Over the years and before embarking on the course, coming up with a competent proposal proved very challenging, a feat that saw me grapple with suggestions and applications to find the right course or
Sample Reflection Journal on a controversy between management services and auditing There has always been a controversy between management services and auditing when an audit firm does the two functions to the same client. I do agree that it is not easy to resolve the controversy. In fact, there has always been a “case against”