INTRODUCTION Feminism has been seen as a wide range of ideologies seeking to campaign for women rights. Technology as a male dominated discipline has started to slowly disintegrate because women have found their say, self-esteem and jobs online. Majority of ladies take social media as an entertainment source. Women prefer being online rather than dating
Cronbach is a research finding that has brought many questions to the table to prove its existence and be able to work with it in the future. This proofing is brought about by several misconceptions about the ideas of the score reliability and lack of understanding of the original concept. A shared mistake is that
Maintaining the exact volumes of products in stock is essential for every business. To forecast supply, managers use data from their previous supplies to gain insights and understand the demand. Supply forecasting enables the managers to formulate informed decisions for their business as per as stock inventory, cargo booking, or budget planning are concerned (Makridakis
1.0: Introduction Property management has become a development area in the recent past. It has been seen to evolve over the years with radical changes in its structuring and management. Most property management agents are engaged in residential, commercial, and real estate’s including apartments and detached houses (Lees, 2001). In management, property manager are able
ABSTRACT Technological innovations have been on rise in the recent past. In the 21 st Cc, there has been a great call towards ensuring sustainability. Therefore firms are not only directed by private benefits but have much=h to take care of including the environment and the society at large. However, the concept and the motives
Of all decisions one has to make when establishing a business, one of the most vital one is the type of legal structure the business will assume. This decision will not only affect the amount remitted as taxes, but also the amount of paperwork the business requires to do, the liabilities one encounters, and profit-making
Maintaining the exact volumes of products in stock is important for every business. To forecast supply, managers use data from their previous supplies to gain insights and an understanding of the demand. Supply forecasting enable the managers to formulate informed decisins for ther business as per as stock inventory, cargo booking or budget planning are
What is it like to be a mother? What are the traditional roles of women in the family? Are girls' expectations consistent with the institution of family vastly different from those outlined two centuries ago? Or do women now have the ability to direct their own lives in terms of family, education, and career? The
Introduction In a city, many people live and work close together. They are big, multi-layered structures that need a lot of different kinds of systems to work. City complexity can cause problems if it isn't well-managed. This is true even if the city is very big. The efficiency of a city's transportation system is very
Substance abuse among the youth has been on the rise over the years. It has been associated with users' mental, social, and physical problems. Substance abuse also has a heavy impact on families and communities. Some of the causes of substance abuse are sociocultural views, which include difficult financial circumstances, and cognitive-behavioral views; this is