Gaze perception is a biological phenomenon known to many because of its peculiar feeling: a prickling on the back of the neck. An astonishing pace of technological advancement has made commonplace surveillance cameras that can do more than just capturing and storing motion pictures for indefinite use. A surveillance camera at a parking lot may
Introduction Technology is not only one of the greatest inventions that mankind has created but also a tool that has redefined living and impacted different facets of life. Undoubtedly, technology plays an important role in every sphere of life. Several manual tasks can be automated, thanks to technology. Also, many complex and critical processes can
The Concept of Information Stores An information store is like a store that is used to store a history of data and information. The assumption, in this digital age, is that data can be converted to softcopy and stored on a digital platform. Typically, the information is comprised of messages sent and received, address books,
Entrepreneurs are on the look-out for new opportunities every day. It is paramount for any business that wants to remain in the market, characterized by new trends as some trends get obsolete. It is not an easy task for entrepreneurs to identify these opportunities. Some of the opportunities that are in the market now include
Neuroscientists have for decades attempted to understand the configuration of neural circuits. The objective of these attempts is to try and explain the versatility and flexibility of these actions that occur simultaneously and that are efficiently coordinated.  The original attempt was through a study on neural circuits in relation to simple recurring behaviors like chewing,
Cybersecurity is the process of protecting computer software, data, interconnected systems and hardware from possible cyber attacks. Therefore, cybersecurity ensures confidentiality, integrity and availability of data through the protection of access by unauthorised parties. Institutions invest a lot of resources in implementing robust cybersecurity systems to ensure application, information, operational and network security (Dawson, &
Introduction In recent years, health institutions and systems have been effective to realize the pledge of health information technology in order to provide safer, more effective, and affordable care. Although there have been several success stories out there, many institutions are still in the initial phases of implementing health information technology (HIT) in order to
The development of technology has brought about the use of modern techniques to secure information. One such is cryptography, defined as the science concerned with the methods of protecting data (Schmeh, 2003). However, for cryptographic systems to be effective in protecting information, there must be a process to maintain integrity, authentication, and confidentiality. This is
Digital verses Analog Modulation Modulation is termed as a process that adds signals or details to an electronic signal carrier. For signal modification to be complete, it will rely on other signals. There are techniques that are used to convert details into signals that can be transmitted. They incorporate analog and digital form of modulations.
The development of internet gave human access to instant and endless information on academic, political, and social issues. It contains answers to almost all questions encountered on daily basis.  It is equally a form of entertainment through provision of games, music, and films as well as a social platform for communication and relationships. Academic studies