Introduction In recent years, health institutions and systems have been effective to realize the pledge of health information technology in order to provide safer, more effective, and affordable care. Although there have been several success stories out there, many institutions are still in the initial phases of implementing health information technology (HIT) in order to
The development of technology has brought about the use of modern techniques to secure information. One such is cryptography, defined as the science concerned with the methods of protecting data (Schmeh, 2003). However, for cryptographic systems to be effective in protecting information, there must be a process to maintain integrity, authentication, and confidentiality. This is
Digital verses Analog Modulation Modulation is termed as a process that adds signals or details to an electronic signal carrier. For signal modification to be complete, it will rely on other signals. There are techniques that are used to convert details into signals that can be transmitted. They incorporate analog and digital form of modulations.
The development of internet gave human access to instant and endless information on academic, political, and social issues. It contains answers to almost all questions encountered on daily basis.  It is equally a form of entertainment through provision of games, music, and films as well as a social platform for communication and relationships. Academic studies
Targeted Solutions Tool (TST technology) Technology can either expedite or halt successful implementation of evidence-based solutions in many projects. One technology that could improve the implementation process and guarantee positive outcomes in reducing patient falls is the use of Targeted Solutions Tool (TST). It is a quality improvement tool or technology proposed and created by
Main Question How has technological advancement impacted the field of medicine? Research Questions How has technology changed patient care? How has data storage and accessibility transformed with advances in technology? How has technology advanced information and communication technology? How has technology improved disease control? Recently, claims by a Chinese researcher about creating the world’s first
Nuclear power is generated by splitting the atoms of certain naturally occurring radioactive elements such as uranium. The process is self-sustainable and only requires a nuclear plant with lots of water. The plant comprises of several reactors, where nuclear fusion occurs, and batteries. The huge amounts of water is needed to cool down the reactors
What is ISO 45001? ISO 45001 is an international standard that sets the framework for occupational health and safety. It provides guidelines and regulations for the prevention of death, ill health or work-related injury. The intended outcome of this standard is to improve the working environment and make it safe and healthy for the workers
Consumer Protection It transpired that the infamous ride, Uber, rarely monitored how its representatives utilized “God view” and they neglected to utilize essential security practices to ensure its clients’ and drivers’ protection. The program allowed Uber’s representatives to progressively track clients’ ride and access client’s personal information as well. In addition, “God view” allowed staffers
Green technology, also known as clean technology, refers to technology that makes products and processes more environmentally friendly than others; for example, by reducing carbon dioxide emissions or making products more biodegradable. Overall, green technology aims at contributing to environmental sustainability (Financial Times The production of electric cars is exemplifies green technology, as it replaces