Women in many communities are faced with several challenges that tend to diminish their workability and output in areas where they are assigned. This is due to the gender stereotype that has been instilled into the society for which makes them believe that women cannot perform well in the work or any other role they
Women have been the subject of societal oppression and harassment since the beginning of early recorded history. Women oppression and harassment seem to become a norm in the society wherein women have been constantly seen as subordinate to men. This concept by which the society sees women as secondary and unequal to men have caused
Feminism and gender-based violence is a major source of worry in society which has existed for many years (Allende and Isabel, n.p). "The House of the Spirits" features aspects of feminism and violence, as depicted by the characters. Women have found the narrative to be a fantastic source of inspiration. It has demonstrated how women in
Britain  is  among  the  colonial  powers  who  had  advance  empires  by  the  19th  century. The  number  of  men  outnumbered  women  in  the  territories. From  the  beginning, women  established  homes  and  found  opportunities  in  the  way  of  life. Also, there  were  native  and  colonial  women  who  had  different  societal  life  and  expectations  in  the  colonies. This 
Advertisement in print and mainstream media has been identified as a leading cause of low self-esteem among women by Mrs. Kilbourne. Commercials and ads have presented supermodel women, and this has made women feel inadequate about their bodies. The feelings of inadequacy, despair, and shame developed in a woman’s mind once she realizes that her
Many of the sports audience contend that women’s sports are not fun equated to men’s sports. Instantaneously, the men’s sports related to the women’s sports are hardly aired on mass media platforms. Despite the failure to broadcast women sports in the media, it is not hard to come across a sporting event to attend; they
Motherhood confers upon a woman the mandate to raise her child responsibly. This process influences the way she is perceived both at the workplace and in society. Thus, from the viewpoint of the community, appropriate motherhood can be viewed from the lens of two different categories of women; that is, the one who works from
Women need to cope with psychological, social, and physical changes during the transition to motherhood period. They experience heightened vulnerability and contend with tremendous challenges as they transition to motherhood. There exists a broad array of health problems related to pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and breastfeeding encountered by women. For example, pains related to the birth
The feminist art movement began around the 1960s when people were focused on promoting anti-war demonstrations and fighting for civil rights. The feminists who created different artistic creations during this period sought to amend the falsely male-dominated history in political art. They were also focused on changing the perception of the contemporary world about women’s
Women have made good progress over the past decades; however, much still need to be done. Today, women have more to talk about than several years back when women were never allowed to participate in sports. In the earlier 1900s, the few women who participate in the selected sports had restrictions that made everything difficult.