The role of women in ancient Rome The precise role and status of women in Ancient Rome have from time to time been concealed by the prejudice behind the patriarchal mindset of writers and 19th-20th century researchers. Nonetheless, this situation has been redressed to some extent by recent scholarships in pursuit of an objective assessment
Perspectives of Women in MMA For several years now mixed martial arts (MMA) has been considered a male-dominated sport because of the stereotypes and cultural restraints targeting women. However, there has been a notable change in recent times as women have continuously taken part in male-dominated sports such as MMA. For example, in Japan, there
Gender Identity Crisis in Alice Munro’s Boys and Girls Boys and Girls is the ninth short story contained in Alice Munro’s book Dance of the Happy Shades which comprises of fifteen other short stories. The history is an explanation of events surrounding a young teenage girl living with her family in a rural. The story
Reasons for Dramatic Increase of Women in the Workforce The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been largely a patriarchal society for centuries and by aspect of being a Muslim nation, numerous laws that target women have been in place (Moghadam, 2004). The strict Islam context has mostly been regarded as a deterrent to empowering women
Gender Studies Paper on Malala-An Advocate of Girl Child Education As a global champion for girls’ education, Malala Yousafzai advocates formal education for the millions of girls who have been denied the opportunity because of political, economic and social factors. She traveled the world to campaign for education rights for girls. Her passion for the

Sample Essay on Women and Wars

Women and Wars Introduction Women have been playing different roles in wars since time immemorial. Through history, women have taken part in the support services and conflict resolution aspects despite a large number of participants being men. Women fighting in the military over time have however attracted mixed reactions across the globe leading to several
Prevalence and Correlates of Breast and Cervical Cancer screening among the Latina women in the United States Introduction Cancer is one of the leading causes of death among the United State population after heart associated diseases. It is approximated that nearly 600,000 of people in the United States die each year due to breast and
I’m Not That Kind of Girl: A Critique of the Article   In the article, Nicole Pietsch identifies power inequalities and discrimination as the obvious causes of sexual harassment. Women are depicted as more prone to sexual harassment in comparison with any other group in the society. Attempts to report cases of sexual harassment are not