Holoplankton and Meroplankton Differences between Holoplankton and Meroplankton A plankton is an organism that drifts in oceans, seas, and freshwater bodies. They consist of Zooplankton, and phytoplankton, which refer to the sea animals and plants respectively. Zooplankton comprises of Holoplankton and Meroplankton. Holoplankton comes from the Greek words “holo” meaning whole and “plankt” meaning drifter.
Should Animals Be Hunted? Introduction             Before the domestication of animals, the only way that humans could supplement meat into their diet was to hunt animals in the wild. In the present, however, most of the meat consumed is from animals that have been reared with the purpose of producing meat. Hunting of wild animals
Why Are So Many Animal Species Becoming Extinct in The Last Few Years? In the nearby future, many animal species we have today will be a thing of the past. Just as the dinosaurs, conodonts and therapsids, some animal species such as rhinos and elephants will only be appearing in historical books of record where