Cause And Effect Essay Writing Help

The cause and effect essay aims to offer reasons and results of a particular situation. Cause and essays happen to be the most interesting and fun to write.

In this essay, students explore the causes of an event witnessed or heard about and the result. Instructors use these essays to teach students how to organize their thoughts and ideas in the paper.


1) What effects can be attributed to drought (results due to drought)?

2) What are the causes of global warming (factors leading to global warming)?

For cause topics one should ask ‘Why is this happening?’ while for effect topics, ‘What did this situation result in?’ should suffice. Distinguishing the two elements is sometimes quite a task. It is for that reason that students delegate the task to online custom writing services like


To write a good cause and effect essay, the following are required, an introduction (it must include a thesis statement), a body, and a conclusion. However, before developing one, the writer needs to establish a few cause and effect factors.

You need to identify potential topics for cause and effect essays. Secondly, identify the best causal chain to lead to the effect. It is advisable to establish a causal chain, though the student should not have more than three major points. There are various examples of cause and effect essays at that can act as a guideline to students.

Writers should establish a relationship between cause and effect. There must be a primary cause followed by other secondary but sufficient causes. For example, global warming is caused by air pollution. Vehicle fumes and industrial waste result in air pollution are other causes.

The weakest cause could be that human beings, who do nothing to control air pollution, promote the pollution. Students should learn how to use transitions and reverse hooks to ensure that ideas flow smoothly. When writing a good cause-and-effect essay, students should not forget the purpose of the essay.


The main challenge in how to write cause and effect essay as observed among many students is the ineffective application of critical thinking. Students tend to select very simple topics deny them the opportunity to utilize their critical thinking skills which results in low-quality assignments. Students can take advantage of examples of cause and effect essays at website to act as a guide when writing their essays.


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