Civil Engineering: Research Paper on Truss Bridges

Truss Bridges

A bridge refers to a construction that provides a passage against barriers such as water and valleys. These structures are constructed with various and unique designs depending on the condition. The design of the bridge will also be attributed to the purposes which they deliver. It also relies on nature of the project, the funds involved and the materials that will be used to construct it.

Evaluating bridges and its history, it is clear that wooden logs were the materials that were used to link the physical obstacles. In addition, bridges were also made of ropes and bamboo sticks. In old Rome, they constructed arch bridges to evade damages that arise from initial designs. By the 18th century, the technology of constructing bridges upgraded when iron materials were used in England. In the era of industrial revolt, iron bridges were upgraded when they used steel materials to build bridges.

In this contemporary society, the nature of bridges relies on the kind of materials that constructs them. For instance, truss bridge belongs to the category of structural makeup. Truss bridge refers to a construction that bears loads which is created by use of truss. Its triangular appearance incorporates materials that are connected. This is through tension or compression. It is an old bridge that still exists in the present world (Klein and Macaulay 47). Additionally, this bridge involves economical elements that apply Newton’s motion law.

Automated welding materials and concrete are some of the materials that make modern bridges. History reveals that truss bridges in early days were created with timbers and iron rods. These materials served a purpose of compressing the bridge to avoid destruction from happening. In the 19th century, truss bridges became constructed first in America. Truss bridges can be visible in some sections of the world and they have been improvised with concrete blocks.


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